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Friday, March 16, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 9- How Important I think Education is

I think education is very important. It opens a lot of doors and creates pathways. it has a way of refining one's ideas and thoughts.

People may argue that it is not so important, and site examples of several business moguls who dropped out of school and are very successful. I agree, but I want to stress here that those people had to employ people who “finished” their education to manage their business and support their organization in different capacities. Imagine a world without bankers, accountants, financial analysts, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, teachers and what have you…our ideas will be crude.

So the main man may not have had need for education, but he definitely needs the educated to make sound decisions with him.


  1. No one can move forward without education. Even the so-called business moguls take private courses from time to time

  2. Education is like the icing on the cake.........

    1. Spot on dear. The final gloss of perfection.

  3. We tend to miss what 'Education' actually is.Education isn't confined to the four walls of a classroom,it extends way beyond it.Whether it is that gotten from the four walls of a classroom,or that gotten from the homes or street,they're all education.So thinking that education isn't important is a big mistake.Education is very important.Again,what people consider education (that from schools) is also very important,it always gives you and edge over the one who isn't educated.Great men might be school drop-outs,but greater men are men who were/are educated.