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Monday, March 18, 2019

Malaria or hunger?

Yesterday, my son was a bit warm to touch and acting all clingy. I decided to pay closer attention to him all day to see if we would get any surprises. By noon, he was super cranky and I had to take him to bed and lay with him for a bit till he slept off. While lying with him, I saw a friends’ whatsapp stories and she put up this hilarious picture which got me in stitches.

About an hour plus later, he woke up and was really grouchy. No high temperature, nothing was off. Usually, he drinks lots of water, but he didn’t any water so that got me a bit alarmed.
 I tried every trick I know to get him to eat because I knew he was hungry, he just kept refusing and kept crying louder. I had offered pap, cereal, fizzy drinks, ribenna, biscuits, a sandwich, rice but he was having none of it. I decided to fry some eggs because he likes to eat fried eggs. As soon as he saw me coming in with a plate, he came to me, sat down and waited for me to cut it up and opened his mouth to eat. He actually finished the 2 eggs I fried and drank some water. Before I knew it, he pointed at the plate of rice and as I fed him he gobbled it up. Then I knew the hunger was native hunger. Lol. After we were done eating, he got a spring back in his steps, danced a bit then crawled back into my laps and said “eat, eat” which means “I’m hungry”. I asked if he would take pap, he said yes. I was very surprised at how fast he swallowed each spoonful of pap. Needless to say, he finished it and that was when I knew that hunger is really a bad thing. so there was no illness or cause for alarm. 
Ryan became his usual cheerful self. Dancing, laughing and playing. It was a relief and a great way to end the day.
Indeed, sometimes it isn’t always about medications, sometimes, we need to eat properly first and then we will see that no drugs are needed.

Here’s wishing us all a fantastic and fulfilling week ahead.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

#Yousmellnice and other "tinz"

Whoever said blogging was an easy job didn't tell the absolute truth!

Haha, I've been telling myself I need to come up here to the blog and put up a post, but I've not had any inspiration whatsoever. All I've had are snippets of my convos with Tey and though very entertaining, are not the stuff blog stories are made of.

So what do I write? Aside work, home and the struggle to run my business with very little time,  I don't even know where all the time goes. How then can I write?

Speaking of time, I've been trying to do a newsletter for the business but it really has been very time consuming. I'm currently using issuu (used it a lot a while back) but I'm open to new suggestions that are easier and better too. Your suggestions will be very helpful.

Meanwhile, I ventured into Twittersville the other day and I stumbled upon the #Yousmellnice trend. It's super hilarious if you ask me. The HR lady didn't have to be so uptight about it (Given, we don't know "how" he said it too). She didn't have to also go to Twitter to put that up. 
On the other hand, the interviewee didn't have to say "you smell nice". People take compliments wrongly and this is clearly the case here.

Anyway, I have learned not to say "you smell nice" anymore, if I have to give a compliment I'd rather say "your perfume smells really good" or "the perfume suits you well" and hope that the person I'm complimenting won't take it the wrong way! Haha, life really shouldn't be this complicated.

I hope your week has been very good so far? What have you been up to? Please don't go about telling people they smell nice above all else.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Fresh start

For you who has lost yourself loving another.
I don't know who I am anymore.  I think I have forgotten who I used to be. What I used to be...
I had always been a very confident person. Cock sure of what I wanted. I knew who I was so there was no cowering at anytime. I was vivacious and bold. Daring...but now I am a pitiable shell of what I used to be.
How did I let go of myself?  Where did I get lost? How did I become this soft blob? Where did I switch my identity? I look at my image in the mirror and what I see scares me.
When did I become that kind of woman? That woman who hates to see her body because of its many imperfections. The same imperfections I used to wink at and say "I love you regardless"? When did I cower in shame at myself? Why do I suddenly see all the warts on me? When did I start to look for validation from another?
Why do I cower in shame when he comes in and I am naked? How on earth did I get to this point? I still remember how we couldn't get our hands and eyes off each other a while back. Indeed it seems like several lifetimes right now.  Our heated lovemaking sessions. The passion that permeated our very being. The look of adoration in our eyes. We were each others drug. We needed each other to survive.
Help me understand why in God's name I would want to hide from you. I couldn't get naked enough back then.  What changed?
When did you get tired of really loving me? When did the fever of our love slowly ebb away?  When did the fire burn out?
How is it possible that you have moved on and I can't just get passed what used to be? How is it that you have moved on? How did you get over the sheer wanton love. The reckless passion. The friendship?  Was any of it real to you? What about the promises you made when we were cozy and warm?  In the heat of our love?  what happened to all of that? I can't believe our vows meant so little to you.
I have stayed too long dwelling in what used to be so much that I fear the train has left the station. I have forgotten how to live because I lived my life based on your every whim.
Today, I choose to live my life again. Like the phoenix,  I will emerge from this ashes and live my life
Goodbye to that chapter where I was gullible and needy. Maybe my need was what pushed you over the edge. I'm coming out strong. I am rising from the ashes and becoming even better than the person you knew me to be.  My heart may want what it wants but my head now rules my heart.
Today I make up my mind to be independent.  I don't need validation from anyone. A strong woman can handle the curve balls life throws at her. It may be tricky; I may get wacked many times, but it won't kill me. It will only make me stronger.
Thank you for helping me become me; for making me get back to being better than what I used to be.
But first let me tell you something. Just because loving you hurts so much doesn't mean I won't open up myself to love another. Wipe the smirk of your face. Don't think for a second that you have successfully shut down my heart to the possibility of giving or receiving love. You were just a nasty experience. And like every horrible taste left from food gone bad which has been mistakenly eaten, I will love again!
I'm going back to school.
I'm starting dance class.
I'm falling in love with me again.
I'm going to fashion school.
I'm putting my catering knowledge to good use.
I'm starting my business plan.
I'm living my life.
I'm free.
I'm me.


I wrote out this post 2 years ago when I was in a deep and dark place. Things were not as they seemed for a dear friend, She was hurting and I was hurting on her behalf. I never showed her this post, heck I didn't even talk to her much about what she was going through. All I did was pray for her so much and ask God to heal her. Looking back now, I realized I treated her as I would have wanted her to treat me, stay away for me to gather my thoughts and wits. All she wanted was a friend, all I did was give her space. I regret those years, I am not sure the damage of my behaviour has been fully restored, but she has a kind heart and forgave me (I hope).

If you ever get to read this sunshine, just know that I hurt too. I bled when you bled and oh baby girl it really hurt...but I'm so glad it happened. You found the real you and for this, I am super glad.

Love, light and laughter always!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

So long no blog post

Wow! Its been 2 years since my last blog post here. Well, not 2 full years, but really close. 
If anyone had told me I would take a break from blogging, I would have laughed them in the face. 
For me, blogging was like a lifeline I desperately needed back when I took it up. It wasn't for fame or anything (haha, I wish I had the drive of my fellow bloggers back then), it was just a mode of release for me. I found my path and purpose through blogging...well, I like to think this. I would get lost in articles and people's posts. I found expression here, found friends, found a different time zone where I wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. 
In my blog followers, I found family. Thank you to all of you who may still see this post. Thank you for those awesome years!

I came back here for some selfish reasons though.

While life happened- (I got married, I had a baby, my work got more intense and needed more of my time, I started a business, I had more job responsibilities, I started another business, I had another baby...on and on so managing my own time was something I needed to learn all over)- deep down, I still wrote my posts in my head. I would have the first 2 paragraphs properly drafted then I would just not be able to go on. I know I still want to have an avenue to express myself and creating a new blog wasn't really very appealing. I decided to come back here remembering the great times we had together.
I know my content will change- I see life in a pretty different way now- But I'm more than ready to give it a shot.

Another reason I came back here is because I want my 2019 to be as impact driven as I can make it. I started this year with all sorts of plans and being intentional about everything is very high on that list. One of the to-do's for the year was to revamp my blog...
I honestly can't say I will be as funny, or interesting as I used to be, but I intend to try regardless of how difficult it may be. 
I also came back because of the good people (friends, family and people who reached out to me) who kept pushing me to come back. I am so humbled to think that my writing made a little part of your day back then and hope beyond hope that this new journey will be very worth your while. 

As I type, I just had a long day and a gruelling 7 hour plus of successful brainstorming sessions with my colleagues. My babies are sound asleep on this juicy hotel bed and here I am trying to keep up with my 2019 goal of blogging. I honestly want to delete that 2019 goal line conveniently, but I am a natural fighter! I do not plan to give up so easily. 

Anyway, here's a toast to a year full of great ideas, impact driven choices and of course love, laughter and light!

I love you so much.


Saturday, January 7, 2017


I'm a strong woman

Yet sometimes I need someone to be stronger than me. Someone I can run to for help.

I am independent

But sometimes I desperately need a shoulder to lean on.

I make my own decisions

I'm strong willed no doubt, but often I find myself wishing I could run my decisions through someone who will just listen and point out the flaws before the decisions become my achilles heel.

I'm focused

This has always been a given, thank God. Yet at times I find little thoughts fluttering around my mind like beautiful butterflies, each one beautiful in its own right, seeking attention.

I need no one

I am a self sufficient being. Indisputable. But my very genetics makes me need a man. Someone who I call partner. To walk through life with me.

In spite of my obvious weaknesses, I am strong. I am a complete being because I know I am strong and possess weak points.
My weaknesses make me human. Keeps me grounded. Makes me remember that I am a mere mortal.
I laugh. I love. I live.

I am in every sense contrary, yet proud of it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breast cancer awareness

October is Breast cancer awareness month!!!
 According to The World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women worldwide and claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year. Breast Cancer is caused by the formation of malignant cells in the breast tissue. It is more common in women than in men. In men, it is usually detected as a hard lump under the nipple and areola. While one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer the ratio for men is one in a thousand.
This is an effort to raise awareness and also reduce the stigma associated with breast cancer by educating people on the symptoms and possible treatment.

Signs & symptoms

It is important to self-examine yourself monthly. This way, any changes will be immediately discovered. Whenever an abnormality is discovered, it should be investigated immediately.  The following are symptoms or signs to watch out for:
1.       A change in how the breast or nipple feels- lumps, thickening within the region or underarm area, change in skin texture, enlargement of skin pores of the breast.
2.       A change in the breast or nipple appearance – unexplained changes (swelling or shrinkage) in size or shape of the breast, dimples on the breast, slightly turned or inverted nipple, skin of the breast looks red, scaly or pitts (stays depressed when you press it)
3.       Nipple discharge- clear, milky or bloody must be checked out by the doctor.

Causes of breast cancer
Breast cancer is caused by damage to the cell’s DNA, so it is very difficult to pinpoint one exact cause for breast cancer.
There are however certain risk factors which make it more likely for one to develop cancer. Risk factors refer to anything that increases a person’s chance of getting a disease such as – family history and genetics, habits (drinking alcohol), age and lifestyle risk, hormonal factors.
Breast Cancer Myths
1.       Lump = cancer
  • This Is not true. Only a small percentage of lumps are actually breast cancer. Never ignore any lump found and ensure you get ti checked by the doctor. 
Only women have breast cancer
  • Men actually have breast cancer too. It is detected by a hard lump and unfortunately men have a higher mortality rate than women because they are less likely to assume that a lump is breast cancer and delay seeking treatment.
3.       If you have a family history of breast cancer, you are likely to develop it too. 
  • This is untrue. Some women who have breast cancer have no family history of it. In fact only about 10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer have family history of it.

4.       Breast cancer is contagious. 
  • Breast cancer is not contagious but occurs as a result of damaged cells which begin to spread into other tissues within the breast. It is necessary to practise a healthy lifestyle and be aware of the risk factors.

5.       Antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer. 
  • There is no conclusive evidence linking deodorants or antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer.

How to examine yourself (WOMEN)

  1. Stand straight in front of the mirror, place your hands on your hips

a.       Look through the mirror and identify the shape, size and colour of your breast. They should be evenly shaped without any visible swelling or distortion.
b.      If there is any dimpling, scaling, bulging or puckering, you need to get the attention of your doctor immediately
2         2. Raise your arms and observe the shape and size.
           3. Look out for any fluids coming out of the nipples.
4         4.  Lie down and place your left arm behind your head like a pillow. Using our right hand, feel the left breast with a firm smooth touch. Use your fingers and feel your way round the breast in a slow circular motion. Go over the whole breast from top to bottom, side to side.
          5. Repeat this process with the other breast.
6        6. Stand up and feel the breasts. Go over the entire area carefully in the same process described above. 

How to examine yourself (MEN)
1.       Create a slippery soapy layer over your breast area. This makes it easier for the fingers to glide over the skin without rubbing it.
2.       Place your left arm behind your head and use the first three fingers of your right hand to go over the breast area slowly in a circular motion.
3.       Check your nipple by gently squeezing it between your index and ring finger. Look out for any discharge, puckering or retraction.
4.       Check the second breast by repeating the steps above.
5.       In front of a mirror, examine both breasts and look out for any skin changes – rash, dimples or puckers.

Remember early detection (monthly breast self exams, regular clinical checks, mammograms) of breast cancer increases treatment options and greatly reduces the risk of people dying from Breast cancer.
Encourage everyone you know to get tested today!

For free Cancer Screening in Lagos, please go to Optimal cancer Care Foundation – 118 Bode Thomas Surulere.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My thank you's

Hello world,

Its been almost 2 years now since i have been here. Wow!
 I have missed blogsville (I hope it is still called that?)

So much has happened. so many memories have been made. In my head, i was here everyday, but in reality, i juggled a zillion things. The days I had the time to sneak in here I was afraid.

What do I write about? Who will read? But I was encouraged by my cousin Ema and my friend Folake (Adeline Signature Home) They urged. encouraged. cajoled....And I'm here.

Thank you. To these 2 beautiful ladies who made me think I had something to write. Thank you for believing in this blog, in me.

Thank you to all my readers who stopped by regularly before now to read, comment and even share.

Here's to greater years ahead!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Live a life you will remember.


I have become as irregular as a leap year...but my thoughts are still here sometimes.

How have you been?What new thing have you been up to recently?

I saw a beat up power bike today and it made me pause. The rider was perched on it like it was going to fly. Alas, the bike was so beat up it couldn't even run. The roaring sound that is synonymous with power bikes was absent, in its place was a broken growl. I felt bad for the bike...but on a second thought, I figured the bike "lived its life" to the fullest. It probably thundered as it flew past in its prime, roared for people to pave a path hurriedly for it. I imagine it was also very resplendent to see. A beast indeed. It lived a life worthy of its name. I am sure (don't ask me how) it made its manufacturer proud.

Of course, you know I will ask...what are you doing with your life? Are you living it to please your maker? Will you look back when you are old and grey and say "Yes, I lived my life"! or "I wish I lived a little"? Don't let life slip away to the point where your heart will yearn for younger days.  Be remembered for the life you lived... make memories you know will never fade. 

Here's a song for you by Avicii "The Nights"
I totally enjoyed this song. It just charges me up real good. Alas, I cant even dream of doing half the stunts in the video, but the words just made me feel so alive!!! I sincerely pray that my heart will never yearn for younger days because I plan to send my days very well. I pray my nights never die!!

On the #DezianiGate/ #SarakiGate matter... We are just watching. May Nigeria truly become clean in all ramifications. Nothing is impossible.

Song of the day - Avicii "The Nights"

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Year: Happy birthday to my daughter and I

As I type this,  today makes it a year of God's faithfulness. It's not just my birthday,  it's the anniversary of the birth of my first child Tehila.  Yep, she was born on my birthday. No, it wasn't planned,  it just happened as God wanted.

One whole year of God's faithfulness.

How do I begin to express my gratitude to God for this beautiful gift. This bundle of inexhaustible energetic adorable cute angel God gave me to watch over for him?
How do I summarise one fantastic super duper year in one blog post? 
How do I begin to describe the beauty of this past year?
How do I begin to thank you for your;
Daily protection
Daily provision
Daily guidance
Daily strength
Daily healing
Daily love
Daily companionship?

When you first gave me this gift, I was afraid.  I didn't know how I would fare as a mom. Would I know what to do? How do I take care of her? My heart was fraught with worry. But you whispered and told me to be still and look on to you. You didn't take away your face from me. I wasn't ashamed because I looked up to you and indeed my help came from you.
Thank you for my family.  For loved ones who helped out. Who still help out. Bless them and please always send helpers their way too.

How do I say thank you?  Not just for my baby, but for me too? How can I even fathom the words? Will the heavens be large enough to sing your praises?

Who is like you Jehovah?  Who compares with you?  With whom can we express ourselves so freely? Indeed only a fool will say there is no God. I acknowledge you as God.  In heaven. On earth.  Beneath the earth. You reign supreme always.

My Father,  my God,  my King. I have come today to say thank you for my daughter and I. For all you did this past year. For all you are doing. For all you will do this coming year.

I ask for grace for one more year. Grace to watch over your child you placed in my care. Grace to be a good mum. Grace to lead her in the path chosen for her. Grace to teach her all she should learn within this one year. Grace to come back rejoicing with her (and hubby too) at the end of this year

I pray for wisdom to listen to you always.  I pray for wisdom to walk in the path you have set for me this new year.
I pray for a heart to serve you.
I pray for sound mind, good health, richer pockets and a better heart.
I pray that death will not be a part of us in anyway this new year.

Thank you my Redeemer
Thank you my Master
Thank you Everlasting Father
Thank you.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Married Dating: The Ashley Madison Hack Saga

Nothing is private. Not when you have to put it online anyway. I bet the account owners of Ashley Madison have realized this a little too late. Funny, this isn't even the first time a dating website as been hacked into. Yet we find people flocking to these websites every time.

Image result for ashley madison hack
 I don't even want to imagine how those who have accounts on Ashely Madison (Read all about it here source 1 and here source 2) must be feeling right now. Its like all their secrets have been exposed.
How do you face your spouse? How do you explain to your family? Your friends? How do you raise your head up when you have been caught pants down with your hands in the proverbial cookie jar? How does your partner (who probably has been faithful to you) trust you again?


Is there really a thing called Married dating?Like how can you be married and still be dating at the same time?

I ain't no judge, but it just sounds so wrong!!! Wrong on all counts.If you are married please, stay married and leave dating for the single men and women. You CAN'T date someone other than your spouse. If you are divorced or widowed, then you can date, but married dating, please count me out. I don't even want to go to the spiritual aspect of it.

Indeed I know "stolen waters are sweet" but be rest assured that it always give a bad tummy ache. It leaves a bitter taste of bile after. The end result is totally not worth all the effort in the long run.

Image result for hand in the cookie jar
If you start thinking of cheating on your spouse, please, add spice and zest to your marriage. Talk to your spouse about it, let him or her know what it is you find lacking and both of you can reach an agreement on how to jazz up things together. It isn't as easy as it sounds, but its a lot better than the guilt you feel when you cheat and the feeling of shame you feel when you "get caught". 

There isn't such a thing as married dating. Its either you are dating or you are married. But you can't have both worlds at the same time.

What's your view of this whole married dating thing? Please share your views with me in the comment section. I'd really really love to hear from you.

Thank God Its Friday!!!

Have an awesome weekend