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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge- Day 8: What I ate Today

I initially had created this post on the 13th of March, and scheduled it for publishing by 5pm today. But I had a change of heart.

For breakfast, I had beans and plaintain, but i couldnt eat it because it had some particles. I ended up eating the plaintain and beef only.
For Lunch, I had butcher rice from spaghetti with meat balls and Chicken. Yes, it was delicious and i cleaned my plate :)

I haven’t had dinner yet and I doubt I will because I need my stomach to be flat (wink). However, if I am really hungry when I get home, I will either feast on mangoes or take a bowl of cereal. The latter sounds more fun though.

Hope you had a decent meal today?


  1. I will advise mangoes for your dinner o. Shebi its you that wants flat stomach

  2. hmmm, the meat balls and chicken with spaghetti musta been really deeelliiiccciiooouusss....and to think I thought my lunch meal - jellof rice with fish was the bomb..oh well...

    Pls take those mangoes ooo..what am I saying? Its night already...hope you did tho' coz that flat tummy aint easy to maintain...

    1. lol. I did eat the mangoes. Am sure your meal was fantastic as well.