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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 7- Five Pet Peeves

Hmn…Should I be truthful? Or diplomatic? I guess I will stick with the truth…

I sincerely, honestly and totally hate it when people touch me. If you need to talk to me, don’t touch me, use your mouth to talk. If you have to grab my attention, call my name. or better still make noise, I will react well enough, just ask my sister. I seriously don’t understand why you have to touch. The other day, I went passed through Obalende on my way home. I was struggling to walk through the throng of people when someone grabbed my arm. I kept walking because I assumed it was the Ibo boys trying to advertise their wares. And the person kept tugging at my arm. I came to a halt instantly to harass the person. I faced him and he said “hi, don’t you remember me”? I couldn’t believe it. Do I know you? He said he had seen me sometimes last year and he wanted to get to know me then, but I told him off (he had the nerve to say maybe I was angry or something). So I asked him if that meant I knew him,  and he said he was hoping I’d tell him my name…(sorry dude, not in this life).

Another one is people spit on the floor. For the life of me, I can’t understand that one. Its seriously disgusting. Click here to read about a post on spitting.

I sincerely dislike it when people talk a lot and hardly make sense.  Seriously, I lose respect for people who “yarn”, especially if they are men.

Making noise in the office is something I doubt I will ever get used to. Its’ good to have this jovial air and familiarity in the office from time to time, but I sincerely hate noise in the office.  Probably because it slows me down a bit, I don’t know, but I just don’t like it at all.

I hate seeing under-age school children (2-10) on the streets all by themselves. You will think they are “surplus to requirement” in their homes. Parents should not neglect the important things in life and focus on getting all the money. What will happen after you have finally “hit it big” and you have no one to spend it on?


  1. LO really L... I hate touching too... especially in the market with the Igbo guys.
    Still havn't figured out what this challenge of yours is about ;D

    1. lol...My brother slapped one dude in the market for grabbing his hand one day. I felt sorry for the poor chap.
      Glad to know I'm not the only one that hates it.

    2. I'll put up the picture for our benefit dearie.

  2. Ah, i soo feel you on the touching thing. It just irks me. If i notice u r a 'toucher' i try not to get too close wen we're talking

  3. I hate the touching thing too. Met a guy last week that was trying to get to know me. Apart from feeling over-familiar, he kept on touching and touching my shoulders. I just didnt know the best way to tell him off.