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Thursday, June 12, 2014

...and Emaleecious had a great fall!

No be small thing ooo!
My first comment is that people are wicked shaaaaaa! 
Dia ris God oooo.

This morning, I woke up but wished I could just call in sick. I didn't even want to get up from bed at all. So I did what I would do on days like this, called my mum (yep, she just has a way of making me get up from bed). We gisted for a while and she encouraged me to get up and get ready to go to work. I dropped the phone, had a bath and picked out my outfit for the day- A multi-color stripped top and a white chiffon pleated skirt. Then I looked out and noticed it had started to drizzle and it looked like a heavy rain was in the plan. I tried changing my outfit...tried 3 other outfits, but they just wouldn't do, so I picked out this Ankara dress I just had made. Between me and you, its Ankara, but I'm not telling anyone in my office that. I plan to keep smiling if they ask me what it is. Anyway, I had the liver to pick out this outfit for a Thursday because:

  1. My boss is out of the office :)
  2. The HR Manager is also out of the office. :) :) :)
And hey! Why can't I even wear Ankara to work sef? Anyway, I picked up my bag and left the house jejely.

I had just walked out of my apartment premise and was still at the side of the building when it happened. I took a step- left foot- and was lifting my right foot to take another step when I felt my left foot turn to jelly. Too late! I had already lifted the right foot in the air. Mehn...Things happen so fast. Split second doesn't even qualify for how fast the shit happened. I found myself on my knees (humbled) and i was sliding further before I used my palms to break the fall. My first thought was Oh no! Then of course this spiritual being woke up. "Blood of Jesus!!!" At that point I remembered I didn't anoint myself like i do daily. Anyway, I quickly asked for God's "special" covering, and looked around. ( I can't remember the last time I fell).

Hmnnnn. My brothers and sisters, (#clapping hands in a story telling way#) do you know people were looking at me? No one even said sorry!!! Ahan!!! They just carried their faces when they saw I was ok. Chai!!!!! Dia ris God ooooo!
No one even offered to help me up or anything. I just carried myself up jeje and continued my waka like nothing happened. After all, na only me kuku waka come.

After I had left that immediate vicinity, I checked and saw that my knees were bruised and I was bleeding. I couldn't help the tears that sprang up in my eyes. (Funny, I have always been that way as a child. Each time I have an injury, I would be fine until the blood comes up...then the wailing would begin). The only thing that stopped me from wailing today was:
  1. I like to think I have grown a bit
  2. I am now married. Hubby has warned me to stop crying in public..(haha. Like that can take away the pain) Do you remember the dress saga with the tailor  "tail"? Click here to read
  3. I want to believe I look really nice today. It won't do to have anyone think I'm a cry baby jor. So I did the right thing by Squaring up my jaw, stiffening my spine and doing the Kanye shrug. haha.
So on my way to meet up with Toro (Remember I said she was my benefactor? Always looking out for me) I had already started planning how I will call in and tell the office that I just couldn't make it as I fell down. I would make my voice sound like I was really distressed and was not fit at all to work; or I would just... Somehow, I just found my self at work. There was no point. My boss has been really good to me particularly with all the sick off's I took last year as a result of those nasty headaches. (Thank God for sustained healing)
The good thing about my office is, when I finally made my dramatic announcement of how I fell, everyone was so nice to me and came over to check out my knees and a Dr. even helped clean me up real good. I really felt like I had a family. I also felt very good for coming to work too because the attention I was looking for (which I didn't get) when I looked up after my great fall was greatly compensated. Oh, You mean you didn't know that I like attention? What do you know about me then?
Ok, let me confess! When she cleaned me up, I couldn't help the tears that came into my eyes...spirit is deadly on wounds abeg. These past years, I have only used Mentholated spirit to clean my hair, so putting it on an injury was like fire on the skin...

I made myself a huge cuppa cocoa and i'm blogging! #huge grin...

When last did you fall in public? Or anywhere at all? Please share your story!

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