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Monday, April 15, 2013

What If...

Some of my colleagues and I were "gisting" randomly one morning. One of them was like, if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned, life wouldn't have have been as hard as it is right now. We all agreed and started mentioning things that wouldn't have been.

If Adam and Eve hadn't sinned...
...we would have been naked and not ashamed.
...we would all have been playing in the Garden of Eden
...we would have been singing praises all day.
...Another daily activity would have been dancing at His Courts with thanksgiving too.
...We would have been living with animals everywhere in Eden. Fancy having a lion as a neighbor.
...We may not have had our parents and siblings, as it would have been one big happy family.
...there wouldn't be killing or wickedness in the world.
...there wouldn't have been marriages (may be or may be not) 
...there may not have been sex (still trying to see how that would have worked after all there was the mandate to "Be fruitful and Multiply". And yes I know you have a different opinion)
...of course that means we wouldn't have had to work (now that's a very pleasant thought. Lol). 
...I hope you remember that no work means no salary too? So, how bright was the previous point?
...But then there wouldn't have been need for money. We would have had all we had need for.
... Schooling would have been an alien concept. 
...Those Degrees and Certificates may have been non-existent.
...Driving may have been a thing of the future's future. (Maybe God would have over time given us the ability to fly like Angels).
... Laptops, Tablets, Phones...Emails, Letters, Faxes. Non existent. All of them
...I may not have met you (my cyber friend).
...this post wouldn't have been wouldn't be reading this.

Can you think of anything that wouldn't have been? Please put them up in the comment section.

Adetoro and Nkechi..thanks for inspiring this post.


  1. Hmn, there would have been such peace. I read somewhere that heaven would probably be pretty boring with all that singing if we eventually get there and that made me wonder...

    1. Hmmm...I really don't think it would have been boring. Just take a look around you and see the beauty of humanity. I bet God doesn't have a boring bone in His body (that is if He has bones at all).
      All sorts of voices... fantastic, good, ok, bad, disastrous i think we would have personal entertainment. lol