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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I grew up hearing this words- "Change is the only permanent thing" and I remember thinking then that how can change be permanent? Change means change after all, so how can something that is evolving be permanent? Its a good thing I grew up, because looking back now I realize that I wasn't really that smart. Oh yes, I am very smart now (Gotcha!).

So now I understand that indeed change is the only permanent thing. Everything changes everyday. For instance, take a look at your wardrobe 7 years ago. I bet you can hardly fit into some of the stuff you used to own back then. (Well I know there will be many exceptions) Or look at your shoe closet, how many pairs of shoe do you still wear from 10 years back? (what? are you telling me you still wear them? #gasp. Didn't your feet grow at all? Or didn't wear and tear happen?). Ok, maybe that wasn't also a good analogy. Let's try another one. Has your click of friends changed? No? Ok, I give up. Wait, one more try! Do you still think the same way as say 5 years ago? If you do, then sorry, this post is probably not for you jor.

Anyway change is necessary for growth and progress. Not all change is good no doubt because sometimes people or situations change for worse, but most times its good and necessary too. If change hadn't happened, you would still be a baby in diapers. As much as that sounds appealing in terms of no responsibility and all that, it may be tiring. Fancy being an "ET" with no prospects for upward growth in the Organization. That can be annoying  I bet. In fact, nothing will motivate you to put in your best because there is already a brick wall stopping you.

"...But when you see things change, whether it’s in your life or some one else’s, it’s encouragement to know that nothing stays the same forever".---Source

I'd summarize something I learned from beliefnet:
  • Change makes you flexible to new things
  • Change makes you smarter. Ha, I said that already at the beginning
  • Change makes you understand that impossible is nothing

So in the spirit of change, I made a decision to change my blog name this morning from "" to "". A while back I asked my friend to check something out on my blog and she was trying to check "" so that got me thinking why not switch over since most people are familiar with the name"emaleecious"? Its a mouthful, I know, but y'all just have to live with it hehehe. So please kindly make note of the change. Thank you.



  1. Indeed change is permanent when it is good. Thanks for this! I checked to see if you were following. It appears not. You should try again.

    1. I follow your blog alright dear. I get feeds. Thanks for following mine too.

  2. Blessings.....
    Outside of death it is the only guarantee in life.