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Monday, August 22, 2011

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Bullet your whole day

Ha, now everyone will get to know how "busy" I was today! OK, here goes:
  • Woke up and lazed in bed for 30 minutes doing the usual - Me and God daily RUNZ.
  • Had my bath and got dressed for work
  • Hitched a ride with my sister to a certain point and continued on my own to the office
  • Was very nice to everyone I saw this morning. * I am nice that way* :)
  • Made a to-do list for the day and cancelled a meeting instantly, as I did not feel like going "out of the office" for the meeting (May God forgive me!)
  • Got so busy (Reading all the posts on my reader)
  • Got pissed off by a "friend" on bbm and wondered why we were friends in the first place. No be by force ooo!
  • Worked very hard and juggled work between my 3 "Departments"
  • Went for lunch with my friends and discussed marital issues and how some "men" change after marriage (Even though there was only one married person and the rest of us are single- we "singlets" had the most to say! Lol)
  • Got back to my office and had a meeting with 2 potential vendors. ( OK, one was personal and the other was official).
  • Decided to put up this post.
  • Battled with someone over a "not-so-clear communication" that was - in the words of my boss - "Tacky".
stressed woman Of course, work will still continue, and I do not want to get into trouble.    

So I will let it end here.


  1. An interesting day you had....I love the fact that in your discussion of marriage, the Singlets had most to say...of coz rightly so, we should, afterall we know more about the topic from all the Singles events we go

  2. Hmmmm,interesting,even though it's coming late.