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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Her world. My world. Her world. Friends.
Bound by a common factor- School, love for God, gist, shopping, same friends.
We each had primary areas of focus. I had my family, a relationship, church, work,life. They had theirs too. Yet we tried to keep the friendship going by meeting as often as we could, which wasn't all the time.
I thought they were too busy and tried to initiate meetings, just like they tried to as well. It usually didn't work out for everyone and we ended up meeting at different times. With apologies from one party or the other. Then we would plan to meet again to pray, seek advise which we wouldn't take most times. I guess it was our way of keeping all of us abreast of what was happening in our lives. Our way of saying, this "this is why I have been so busy, I have been trying to sort things out". "My boss at work is giving me a tough time". "I work weekends". "I have to baby-sit". "My parents have called a meeting of all family members and I have to be there". "My boo is coming into town and I have to be with him". The excuses were unending when they came.But when we did meet, it was always fun, with promises to "do this again".

So we met one weekend after promising there would be no excuses. We had news we wanted to share. We promised we would make it no matter what happened and we did. we had fun. We ate and forgot about calories. We talked and poured out all our hearts content, making bare our souls and not being ashamed.
We spoke about the men in our lives, the food we had eaten that was bad, what we should eat instead, laughed over the fact that that particular information was just for the table only as we would never stick to it, spoke about our family members, relationships at work, our different churches and things we had learned that were speaking to us, spoke of our fears, and grievances, about where to purchase jewelry, undies, bags, spoke about what we really wanted to do,and how we wanted to do it...
We were friends at that point, We had transcended that level. We were sisters, and we loved each other. We could play for 20 Years. We forgot about people and about things. We just wanted to be us. No airs. and . we. were.
Going back home that night, I pondered ...we each had our lives, and things that were important to us. Making us friends with similar but different characteristics. Yet we found time to relate at a level that could satisfy our social craving for affiliation and self -esteem.
I love my friends and I am proud to call them S.I.S.T.E.R.S.


  1. Whoever this is lucky to have a friend in you

  2. At first you sounded stressed, but glad to know you had fun in the end.

  3. Thanks ladies...I feel blessed to have them as friends too.