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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So random!

Hi everyone.

Trust you have been well?

I have been a good girl so far. Haven't gotten into any trouble of any sort...even blogged a week ago. That's a major improvement for me I guess. The thing is, the news flying in the airwaves haven't been so good for the past one month plus. I mean the news in Nigeria. Its as if the proverbial wind don blow because fowl yansh don open well well, and make I no lie, the yansh ugly well well. In fact e dey smell because e don rotten join. May God help us.

I thought I knew the meaning of corruption, but lately, I have been reoriented. It turns out that it is not even as i thought it to be...its merely stealing. Our defense is weak, our leaders are uninformed and are not ashamed, our people are turning out to be more resilient that I would have given them credit for. Its actually 50 days now since our girls were taken away. This isn't a movie or something. Its real. I can't even begin to imagine being away from loved ones with no way of communicating with them for so long. May God keep those innocent girls. May He comfort their families. May He give our leaders the knowledge and skill to govern us aright. By the way, did anyone see the BBC interview with Doyin Okupe yesterday night? I can't even begin to describe how it went. I studied International Relations, and I know all about making your walls seem strong and capable of withstanding any form of external pressure, but when you really need help, is it too much to just ask? Going to the extent of calling Nigeria one of the strongest Economies of the world is very laughable, I beg. Comparing 444 day Iranian hostage crisis to the now 50 day Chibok Girls Kidnap shows that he didn't even do his history research properly. He was just digging a very deep grave for himself and helping to push his coffin deeper. Its really sad!

Did you know that its now a fad to be nude? As in our so called celebs have finally made it acceptable. Everywhere you go, its one risque picture or the other. No one even bats an eye anymore. Modesty is a thing I fear this new generation may make extinct in the dictionary. 

In Blogsville, so many people have gotten married (You know yourselves), are about getting hitched, have babies, are expectant...congrats to everyone. May God sustain your joy, cause you to have peace and bless you indeed.

Oh, before I forget, be careful when people just call you randomly to "talk about someone" You may call it "gist, or plain gossip, but be rest assured they will call up other people and they will discuss your matter very well. I had a very nasty experience lately, and it wasn't funny at all. Such people should have the "friend tag" removed!!! and they should be trashed too.

If you do something nice for someone, is it too much to expect a thank you? I mean, not that you are doing it for the thank you, but its just simple what, courtesy? I was nice to someone I assumed was a friend, went out of my way to do something for this person, and not even an acknowledgement. No problem abi, life happens! Fast forward it to a few months after such person comes over to my place again and is expecting me to repeat same gesture...How on earth? Of course I treated the person like I would an ordinary visitor. Looking back now, I think the person just took it for granted that I am nice. But If you are not thankful for little things, how do you expect someone to help you in a bigger way? 

To my post title... I have been harassing Mr. T about quite a number of things (from helping me do the dishes, to buying me things, and making sure he listens to my incessant chatter, to answering my questions), but he has been a darling through it all. I am not a very openly emotional person ( I want to believe so) but I want to say I love you to this amazing man. Sad thing is I know he wont read this, but it doesn't matter. I will still express my feelings. :) I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing man.

On Democracy Day, Dee, T and I decided to just relax. We went for Ice cream at cold stone in the Palms, Lekki, then on to Freedom Park at Marina for fish and chips which I had particularly invited D for. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show, but we had an amazing time! Wait, I seem to use the word "amazing" a lot lately, right? Too bad, I will use it very well, until it looses its appeal. #wink

Finally, I honestly didn't think this post will turn out this long. If you made it till this point, you are ...wait for it...AMAZING!!!!

Have a great week!

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