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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hilarious things that happen

When you go to an organization for an interview how do you act or behave? Especially towards the people you meet or see there?
Personally, I tend to greet everyone, starting from the security man to the receptionist. I think that's first of all because I have been possessed with a "greeting" spirit and secondly because it really doesn't take anything from me to greet someone.
Something funny happened just now. Interviews are being conducted currently in my office and we have been seeing all manner of people- the confident, the not-so-confident-but-not-shy, the shy and what-have-you. Some come in with the impression that its already theirs, others are just hopeful...anyway I digress as usual.
This lady just came in. I happen to be the only one on my floor right now as everyone I share office with is in a training somewhere in Ilorin. (I am not there because I am in a different group). So this lady walks in and begins staring at me. Her stare is so hard that it makes me do a double take. Do I know her? I also begin to stare at her intently, when I mentally go through the "files" in my brain, I realize I don't know her from Adam or should I say Eve? So I break the stare and get back to my computer. By this time she has reached her allocated seat, so she seats and finally has the presence of mind to say "good afternoon". Unfortunately, I do not respond. If I had done that I would have laughed and that might have been insulting to her, so I just pretended like I didn't hear her. (#Don'tJudgeMe)

Did she greet me because she was uncomfortable with the way I also stared at her?
Did she greet because she assumed I was an "Oga"? Its hard to tell with my big body anyway, but my face usually gives me away (way too cute if you ask me. lol) 
Or did she greet because she suddenly remembered what she ought to have done earlier?

A word of advice- I heard a long time ago that a Multi National Corporation  was recruiting and they stationed some of their HR staff in odd positions around their building. Most people coming for the interview assumed they were the security, cleaner and or receptionist and were somewhat rude to them, only to meet them in the interview room. I really don't want to imagine how awkward that interview must have been for them. We really don't need to show ourselves in terms of our degree of rudeness. 

Just be polite. Everyone deserves a little respect...and kindness too!

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