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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Does money motivate you?

No? Seriously?
yes? Ah, we are kindred. Money motivates me well ooo. I won't lie. Of a truth, it's not the only thing that can motivate me. There are plenty of things that can motivate me and at different times too. But money will always be a big part of it.

This morning I was chatting with Sisi Yemmie and we had a really good talk. She doing most of the talking and me listening with rapt attention. I was so focused on what she was saying that I rejected about 6 calls (lol) e remain small make I write down wetin she dey talk self. Well, in everything she called me a lazy blogger (no offence taken) and encouraged me to make use of all I had at my disposal. I admit I have been a lazy blogger, but I will blame it on 2 things. 
One is myself and my "known status". I am not by any means calling my self popular or anything, but there are so many drama's that happen in my life that I really wish I can come here to pour it out. Unfortunately, I cant. Because people read my blog and I'm not sure we will still remain friends when they see that I have put up stuff about them or what they said here. #GrandSigh. 
The other reason is because I have many anon blog visitors. Some people just read and pass by. Ko da ooo. Its not fair. You have to encourage a sister na. So please if you are among those who read a good story ( I like to think that I try) and enjoy it, don't just pass by, please leave a comment and share it on the social networks too. Thanks.

Having said that, I will try my best to put up posts more frequently. I started this blog as an outlet to just put up things that make me think, but with time I got encouragement from you guys and now I can proudly associate myself with the unique blogworld. Its exhilarating, and I am grateful to you. I can't do gossip blogging, but i do have a few interesting things to share and I hope you enjoy it too.

At this point, its best I left because I honestly don't know what I am talking about any more. LOL. But before I go, here's a shout out to Sisi for motivating me. I realize what you said is very true and I will challenge myself to be a better blogger. Thanks a lot sis.

And since I talked about motivation earlier, I will be giving the 1st female (sorry guys, i'd think of something for you later on) to comment on my blog tomorrow a give away sponsored by Leecious Designs. All na motivation. I might as well do this since I want a change on this blog. #rubbingmyhandstogetheringlee. #Watch this space

xoxo. Do have an Emaleecious day!


  1. Tomorrow abi? I shall be here waiting 4 u. #Winking #ShiningMyBigBigTeeth

  2. Blessings.....

    Motivation at times can be waning and you are right many come but you don't know they've visited because they do not comment. I have a lot of those (readers/none commenters). I had a chance to speak to a few and some of the reasons range from feeling self-conscious about writing something and feeling stupid to awakard due to English as a second language, some not into commenting while others are not blog savvy or patient enough to figure out how to comment.

    I was tempted a couple of times to delete my blog however the consensus from blog friends and other friends was, "no do not do that, I enjoy your writings etc."

    What I have learnt about blogging (been doing it since 2007) is to do it because you love doing it, to share what you want the world to see and while it may not feel like anyone is seeing, paying attention due to lack of comments they really are.

    blog on.....and let you be your motivation and inspiration.
    Note: You can write about what you experience without naming names, places etc if you write about what you have learnt and how you have shifted due to said experiences.

    Just saying
    have a blessed day.

    I have to say. I always comment when i pass.

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I truly appreciate. That's the reason I blog regardless of comments.
      Many thanks for the advice. I never saw it from that perspective. Its necessary to write about the learning experiences not just "gisting" about it for gossip sake.

      God bless you.

  3. dont mind all those waka pass

  4. Bunmi, you are the chief of 'em all!. Lol. thanks for the effort. I appreciate. xoxo

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Don't mind Bunmi. I agree with you jare. We will keep 'em rolling no matter what!

    2. :( I mistakenly deleted the comment. I'm so sorry!

  6. Here's me leaving a comment! Just to encourage a sista ;)

  7. Hahaha! Even if you did a giveaway for the guys, the only way I'm winning is if tis for the last.

    I know that feeling. But, don't let it weigh u down. Just keep doing what you do. Totally fine to change the how, tho! I'm glad you've taken a stance. You say enough good stuff to get some of us coming back.



    1. You always know how to make a chic feel good. *hugs*
      Naaa, Its not weighing me down at all. I just wanted to et a reaction.
      lol at winning only if its the last person being awarded. We fit the same category then.