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Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'd stick to my dress maker

I gave my fabric to one carpenter tailor that has a shop very close to my house. I had called my own dressmaker earlier but the distance coupled with the fact that I have been lazy of late made me decide to give my fabric to this carpenter that has a tailor's shop. Don't worry, I promise I didn't cry this time around. I know you will be thinking back to this post "Distrated" and how I wept on the street of Lagos like someone bereaved, but I am happy to disappoint you terribly. I didn't cry!!!

 I had to go for Dolapo's wedding. Dolapo is Wura's elder brother, and since Maryland was too far away coupled with my laziness like I said earlier and the fact that I got the Aso-ebi really late, I decided to brave it and go to this woman's shop. Actually I stumbled on the shop when I was taking a walk, so I hurried back home to get the fabric and gave her. I asked to see samples of what she had done previously, she said she didn't have any, I was surprised. What tailor doesn't have one item that has been completely sewn by her? One???  Warning bells went off, but I just ignored it and begged her not to spoil my dress. She promised she wouldn't and I gave it to her, chose a really simple style and left her in God's hands. Thankfully, she did an OK job. The dress didn't turn out too bad, and when I complained about some parts she hurriedly defended herself and tried to blame it on the style. I insisted she make adjustments which she did. I went for the wedding and the dress didn't turn out so bad. It was also at this wedding that I tied my first gele by myself.

Deola and I were supposed to roll together.  I was to go to her house then we were supposed to go to the Busola's house for make up and Gele, then go for the party. That morning, the plan changed. Deola was to pick up her dress from her dressmaker then we would find a solution to our gele's then go for the wedding. Suddenly Deola calls me to say she will pick up her dress herself then pick me up after which we would head over for the reception. As I was considering the information, she called to tell me that her tailor could tie gele and would do so for her. My first thought was "alakoba". How would I do my own gele? I stood up instantly to help myself and after 10 attempts I came up with this. Don't judge me, Its my first attempt. :)

Back to the story, lol.
So after her attempt at the dress, I decided to carry my own legs by myself to meet her to sew my lace and velvet for Simi's wedding. By myself again, I chose a style. The usual style you do for the lace blouse and I again left her in God's hands. I went to pick up my dress yesterday and I didn't even have the muscle to cry! She had sewn it like an old woman's blouse. She used nonsense to line the blouse. Its still wearable but far from what I expected. But then again, who throws pearl to swine? I should have known what I would get when I went there and still didn't see any "sample' of what she had done. She gave me a low cut back that is bound to show my bra. The thought of it is repulsive #shudder. The blouse just hung on me. No form of beauty or comliness. chai. Na wa ooo. When I pointed out the bra part to her, she snapped "aunty na you choose style ooo". I knew that indeed na me "waka buy market".

Anyway, I will sit with her and salvage what we can and make sure I carry a brilliant smile on my face when I wear my cloth for the wedding.

In the mean time, I will call Tina my dress maker just to appreciate her. Not many people understand how to make a dress well. I'd surely stick to Tina.


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  1. Hahaha. You gotta appreciate what you have oh!

    Your first try really wasn't bad, tho!

    PS - You now have a fly on ur blog? :S