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Friday, November 15, 2013

Career: Job sites and work experience

Have you ever wondered that there are numerous job vacancies announced each day, yet so few successful stories of jobs "obtained"?
Here's a list of a few job sites available in Nigeria.

LinkedIn Jobs
Naija Hot jobs
CareerSlip Jobs
Jobs In Nigeria
                                                         Latest Nigerian Job Vacancy
The list is unending. I keep getting emails at least 3 from each one. I don't even remember subscribing to most of these now. But I remember when I used to go to the cyber Cafe every evening to "browse"- check my emails (hopefully for job interviews and exams), or to apply to companies or even learn about upcoming exams and try to see which one I could gate crash. Ha, I gate crashed ooo. I was desperate, abeg.

I remember how when I was a rookie just fresh off the NYSC shelf I used to hunt for all these sites. Everyday I would look at the emails eagerly and without fail I  would delete the emails sadly. None ever felt right. I lamented one day to my friend that I wonder who would employ us when they all wanted at least 2-3 years job experience. Its funny how my first real job (real because I was actually on the pay-roll of a company) I got it through "word of mouth. My brother's very tight friend's friend. Funny right? But I did the interview and I passed. I remember thinking wow, just like that? 5 years plus down the line I am still grateful that I work in a decent organization.

The sad thing about it is there are so many vacancies, yet so few people get these jobs. It makes you wonder...We can see the jobs, but we where are the hundreds of seemingly unemployed people? Why can't we find successful applicants. Oh, people apply all right. But they send in wrong applications; their CV's don't meet up with the requirements of the jobs; the applicants are successfully employed but cant hold down the job because they are truly not qualified. The list is endless.

The other day I put up an Ad on this blog requesting for HR Assistants with 2-3 years experience. I put up my email address and I got the shock of my life. Some people just don't know how to apply for jobs. I was irritated at the approach of some people. SOme people just attached their CV's and didn't even say dot (.) in the body of the email. Others just put "attached is my CV" some people sent in CV's for Personal assistant (based on their work experience). How on earth do you want to get a job this way?
I am not saying I am perfect in the job search thingy (If I were, I should be working in the "oyel" (oil) company of my choice where I wont even have to sweat it at all. lol)  but I know that I would promptly delete emails without even looking at the potential of attached CV's if I so much as got a blank email (body) from a prospective applicant.
Having said that, tomorrow by God's grace, I'd put up a post of how to send emails to "head hunters". 

Please add any job search site I may have missed out in the comment section. thank you.

I wish us all luck in our endeavour. (Of course I had to wish me luck too!)

P.S. if you are a grammer police, please ignore any errors or typos. I just couldn't go back to proof read. :)


  1. I know I may not write any long epistle on the body of the mail when I want to send my CV but i sha dey write small small things join...of which may not even hold water. I also dont write any serious thing when I'm sending CVs to people like my friends cos i just feel it doesn't matter...afterall if e too important, dat my friend go help me give am bodi small. Lol. Anyways it's cos of the way we handle things that's why we are still where we are inclusive. Packaging matters a lot and when that is done properly, the jobs will have no option than to chase us.

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