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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tease

Hello everyone. Trust your week started on a good note? If it did, Yay for you! May it get even better :) 
If it didn't, I'm sorry about that.. I wish you a better rest-of-the-week though. May you have cause to smile through out today!

I'm excited today, I really don't know why. But 2 people have commented on how radiant and bubbly I am today. Its a good thing I guess. My week didn't start out so well yesterday. About yesterday...
I just wasn't feeling my office yesterday at all. I was kind of sourly throughout, that is until I got a pack of small chops. Let me give you a bit of office history with small chops.
One day, we were working normally and jejely when someone decided to celebrate one thing (I don't even remember what is is anymore) and he bought us all small chops. It was really nice. Its so nice that I'd tell you the name of the company and put down the number sef (I just really dig them). The small chops company is Freset and you can reach them on 08023393499. Anyway, that's how we all got addicted to Freset. Most times, we just gather resources together and buy. We found out that we don't have to pay for delivery if we buy up to 10 packs.
Back to the story.
I was just not feeling my office, when my friend came in from a seminar herself and another colleague had organized. Next thing she called me to come help her with the small chops downstairs. I was happy. I rushed to call the elevator, when I got there and called it, someone gave me a message for my boss. I ran to deliver. I got back and called the elevator again, and my boss met me there and remembered she needed to get something from her office for the meeting she was going for. As she was already late, she sent me on another errand. I delivered it again and walked to the elevator again. This time I didn't bother rushing. I called the elevator again and waited for it to come up. When it was on 5th floor, I suddenly realized I needed to pee. I hissed and went to the loo. By the time I got out of the loo, the elevator had passed again. Na wa ooo. All for small chops. I finally had to bind all the spirits that were making me just exercise up and down and finally went downstairs (feeling happy that I had won the race I was running by myself). Alas, I didn't see S when I went down. So I called her and she didn't pick. I waited and waited till I started feeling really foolish. All on top small chops. Oga o.

I finally took myself upstairs and saw her bag on her seat. I didn't find it funny o, after all my waka up and down and she had finally made it up and didn't even think to call me. So she came out and just handed me a bag with my small chops I just sat down and had a good time. Guilty conscience didn't allow me take the drink that was in the bag. I figured I had taken all my required calories for the day. That didn't stop me from eating another person's mosa though. There's something about me and plantain...

Before then, I was chatting with my sister and I sent her a picture of my mid-day salad. She encouraged me and my head was "bigging" seriously. Only for me to eat the small chops and clean my mouth. Of course I didn't send her the picture ofthe small chops. My mind had already condemned me enough jare. I sha respected myself and didn't have lunch again. But by the time I got home yesterday, I was really weak and my legs were shaking badly. I didn't even know if it was due to hunger or stress at work, or the fact that I closed so late. I sha made a nice healthy sandwich for myself and went to bed. My friend sent me a pack of delicious red-velvet cake. I had to taste it and force myself to only taste and not eat. (If you want cake, holler at her- 08056545951. She makes mouth melting pieces). I actually ignored my stomach and went to bed. I think my mind finally delivered the message to my brain.
So this morning, I got to work and respected my stomach and weight loss program by having a bowl of fruit salad. It didn't satisfy me, but I know I have to pay for the grave sins I committed yesterday. (I'm going to have beans for lunch and I pray I don't get hungry by dinner time). Anyway, S brought her digital scale to the office and I weighed myself. Jesus!!!! I need help from above. All this while I thought I was eating healthy, I have actually gained 8kg. How does this weight creep in? How do you eat salads (without dressing) and practice portion control and still add weight? Something is not tallying up. Honestly. I know I have tried and yet...#GrandSigh. 

God have mercy on this fat fluffy chic...please, na beg level I dey so ooo.

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  1. Hian! Na wa o! No wonder u weren't hungry all the while i was calling u abi? Let God be d judge o! Anyway, this song is for u (in igbo accent)...:-p
    Thy great daaaay is cominggggg, Thy great daaaay is comingggg
    All men shall stand before the throne of God and give account of their lives...(all na cos u nor gimme small chops o. Lol)
    If you dunno d song, add a tune to it n sing it with all of ur heart...