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Friday, September 27, 2013

Track your vehicle

Bisi was dressed to kill at the wedding and she knew it. Not only was she smoldering her car also spoke volumes. She stepped out of her ride, shut the door and moved on to the party. She was fashionably late and there was a reason to it. It paid off. Every eye at the party turned to stare. Male, female and even children. She looked like she actually stepped out of the covers of a magazine.
At the end of the event, she was tired, she had danced for one hour and she needed to go home. Mission accomplished. She stepped out to the spot where she left her car. Alas, it wasn't there anymore. Her dismay didn't know any efizzi. She dropped her bag, kicked off her heels and sat on the floor with her beautiful hair in her hands. Where on earth was she going to find her car? Someone asked her if she had installed a tracker on it and she sadly shook her head no.

Be wise. Learn from Bisi's experience!!!

I write to introduce to you OUTECH SECURE, we are leaders nationwide in the provision of Automatic Vehicle Location Service (AVLS). We are introducing AVLS in Nigeria as a response to the rising cases of car snatching and also to curtail abuse by drivers. Our AVLS technology communicates using a wireless protocol combined with an inbuilt GPS device communicating at predetermined intervals with our control centre, to give us real-time location of the vehicle, longitude and latitude, speed acceleration plus direction of movement.

We offer you a very reliable real-time security and monitoring solution that will enable you monitor and locate your vehicles round the clock nation wide.
We can also help you monitor the speed of your driver's real time and the position of your vehicle to check unauthorized movements, which leads to huge losses in management time and resources.
We know you will benefit immensely from our AVLS package as it will protect your vehicle from loss nationwide, while also reducing your total overhead cost due to monitoring.

Our device is installed in your vehicle in a safe and discrete place. The device in the vehicle is the modem for communication between the vehicle and control center. We have however taken further steps to give our clients more options by the introduction of an option that enables the client to monitor/locate, immobilize or carry out any operation regarding his/her vehicle personally using a G.S.M. phone without having to use the internet or calling control center.


24 hours/ 7 days a week real-time vehicle information
Automatic Location - knowing the position of your vehicle nationwide
Real-time speed recording
Remote immobilization of vehicle
Programmable Geo-fencing
Speed Limit Monitor
Backup Battery
Personal tracking reports on your G.S.M. phone
Personal Vehicle Location Service
Fleet monitor from your PDA, Smart Phone or Laptop

For further information
Please contact
08160704554, 07085406442

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