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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rain- By Labake Amoo


Eluded by the clouds, for what will be has come in its season. 
Entrapped in four walls of what none can be released from except time be reversed. 

The darkness is brought by it and hope is raised that it would last for the night and light would come in d morning. Flowing rivers get filled, a time to reminisce, to make love and enjoy the moments...

When caught up in the hour a thousand drops will thy fate be drenched in, washed away as much as agony is never the best bet. 
Cold, wet and no one's bosom to run into.

The awaited hour has come again and it goes but leaves its mark on all. 
For its presence is impressed and always felt. 

All eyes look ahead as it leaves but no one can anticipate its return. 
Until that moment when its moist is smelt a thousand miles away again..

About: Labake is a final year student of Educational Administration at the University of Lagos. She is also a chef (Food Cottage & Services) where she cooks up sumptuous local and international dishes like an angel. She writes inspiring pieces from time to time and hopes to discover her writing skills with time.


  1. Nice write up!!! Plz kip it up.

  2. Labambam!!! Nyc...

  3. M soo impressed

  4. Awww...its wonderful....kip it up dear

  5. Its beautiful...ℓ̊ pray God helps dis passion bloom too...

  6. It is so creative God bless u dear