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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Reality

I got hit between my eyes a month ago. I wish I could write about it here, but the person may grab what I am saying. I guess I'd have to open an anonymous blog so I can put down how I really feel. So many people in my office read this blog (even though they never comment) and it wont be so good if I come "clean" here.
Anyway, back to my gist.

Last month I learned 3 powerful lessons indirectly.

  1. Never take anything for granted. I have a blog, I hardly update it because I feel I shouldn't mix working hours with personal time. I had a career passion, I just took it with levity. I naturally assumed that I wanted will come towards me if I positioned myself properly. Something happened that shocked me to my bones. It didn't come naturally (or even unnaturally) I learned I should always work towards what I want and make sure I take nothing or no-one for granted. 
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  3. What you love doing comes naturally towards you.I mean, if you have a passion to draw and you are really good at it, promote yourself. Don't think your work will speak for you all the time. Some people may never have heard about you or what you do. Put yourself out there. DO all it takes (within legal means) and make your name/ blog heard. If you blog, put yourself out there. Just yesterday I learned while on Miss petite that being determined in all things even blogging can go a long way. For her it has made her who she is today, to think that she started just 2 years ago. Doing what comes naturally towards you makes it all so easy. That way you don't even have to consider it a chore or a job, but as a hobby. This means you will get better at doing it because you are open to it and willing to learn. Growing up, my mom told me of how she hated sewing but had to learn to sew at a point when things were really difficult. Till date, my mom hates it and still thinks she's not good at it. She hardly ever sews. On the other hand, my sister watched my mum sew something once and the next day she went to the machine and was just sewing away and enjoying herself. The difference between the 2 of them is passion. Mike Murdock says what you permit grows and the proof of desire is pursuit. How willing are you to pursue what you desire?
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  5. Make your self the best there is at the level you are. This will help you face competition in the same capacity and give you leverage all the time. I missed out on an opportunity probably because of a few lapses. If i say it didn't pain me, I am seriously lying. For me the statement of once bitten twice shy is true. Just that mine won't be twice shy, but twice as wise. If you need to go to school to get equipped, don't give any excuse. JUST DO IT!!! and yes, I'm actually yelling right now. If you need to practice, quit giving excuses! Whatever it takes, do it. In fact, the best example I'd give is of the teenager who hid in the tire compartment....I'm sure we are familiar with the story? He didn't let anything deter him. Of course we need to do everything with wisdom, but his determination is to be commended. Remember Lionel Messi prepared himself for 17 years before he became an "overnight" success.      

I'd conclude by saying that when things elude you sometimes, its definitely for a reason. This is what my sister told me when I was really feeling down and low. But I want to say just make sure things are not eluding you as a result of your negligence. Just remember it's all part of a puzzle. One day you will see the clear picture. Till then, its one piece at a time, one square, one inch till the whole is manifest.

Have you had any such experience of missing out on something important? Please share it with me.


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