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Monday, June 18, 2012

Causes and Effects. The state of things in Nigeria.

I am really angry about the state of affairs in Nigeria. In all sectors.
This is not a dig to the president in anyway. It is my space, my piece, my rant!

Our President hasn't delivered, he is clueless and is doing nothing about it. Since his ascension to leadership, the land of Nigeria has had no peace. It  has been bloodshed upon bloodshed. Needless bloodshed. Every week, we hear of something we only read about in history books.

Its bombs everywhere, everyday. It is thrown by our fellow Nigerians, at people we once laughed with. At people we grew up with. At family.

There are religious uprisings in clusters in the North. But don't be deceived to think its just the North. Its everywhere. The Muslims are at war with the Christians, and the Christians have refused to be slaughtered like chickens. They have resolved not to turn the other cheek. There is a time for everything they say, a time to make war and a time to make peace. Now is the time for war.

Its a  religious sect, they call them Boko Haram, and they have reigned terror on both Muslims and
Christians alike.

It is the lawless politicians, who do what they want without fear, after all, there is no one to stand up to them.

Its corrupt leadership, there are no checks and balances. If you are caught stealing, its only a matter of time, a moment of shame before the next scape goat comes and you are forgotten. As a matter of fact, you will be celebrated later on, just let the whole brouhaha settle for a while, then you become a hero. 

Death is no longer sacred. (If it ever was), it is now a thing we live with. It no longer comes when one is terminally ill, or old. Now it lurks around bad roads, waiting for the flying coffins called planes to close its icy fist around, waiting to lay claim to people who will surely strike in the name of claiming their rights.
This is what we see everyday. We see, we hear, we smell the deaths too.The smell hovering over our heads, not knowing who will go next. 

We are fast becoming the Egypt, Syria and Libya of 2010 till date, yet we think its no big deal. God forbid you say? I pray against it too, but if we do nothing about it, like we usually do, then that is what will happen. 
Growing up, I learnt the of Cause and effect. There is no escaping it. If something happens there will be a resultant effect. Likewise, if nothing happens, there will still be an effect. Its the law of seed time and harvest. Its LIFE, and there is no escaping it.

We look up to our president, hoping he will indeed be our messiah, but we are disappointed each time. All he does or says is "We condemn the ..." oh please! Even my 2 year old nephew knows the difference between a threat and actual punishment for wrong doing. You keep condemning with you words, when do you actually show that you mean it?.

Will Nigeria be better only after you have lost a family member to a plane crash? 
Or if militants kill your child? 
Will it be better only after a cherished family member is blown to bits? With no body part to be buried with care? Or will you be satisfied to bury a limb? Not knowing for certain if it really belonged to your loved one?

Breadwinners have gone.
Wives and companions have been killed.
Children are orphaned.
Families are engulfed in grief.
Hope has deserted many.

This poem (for lack of a better description) has been playing itself in my head, over and over. Its a child's voice. It is wailing.

"Mama, the earth is no longer brown. Its red and liquid.
Its flowing and carrying people and things with it.
Its rushing towards us.
Mama, the earth is hot and angry.
How do we run from its path?
Nothing can escape.
Mama, what do we do?
We still have so much to live for!!!

When we elected you president, we didn't do so because we wanted someone to occupy the chair, we did so because we thought you were the right candidate for the job. Please have some spine do not let us down.


  1. Pele, you are really angry. Take it easy.

    For your information, after yesterday's bombings, your president said that 'he is in shock!'

    The people who voted him did so he could be 'in shock!' Na wa o

  2. So much anger in this post and i perfectly i understand.The president has indeed failed.People are trying to undermine his administration and he's making no effort to fight back which is the reason he's failing.Just take it easy tho.*hugs*

  3. Tears filled my eyes where I reached "Mama, the earth is no longer brown. Its red and liquid..." I cannot comment further