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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today, I will be going home to the mainland after work and shuttling from there for a bit. I know some of you are asking "big deal"? but its a very big deal for me ooo. All my working life, I have lived on the Island where going to work only took me maximum of 30 minutes. Now, I have to commute all the way. I am not looking forward to it one bit, but I know it is inevitable for now.

On another note, Someone special to me is "avoiding me" and it hurts a lot. But, I am so tired (physically, mentally and emotionally) that I will just be patient and let things run their course. 

My friend showed me her level of maturity the other day and I really felt like a child. My excuse is that I'm tired. Come to think of it, I have been saying that (I'm tired) a lot lately. Is this not a sign that people should listen to me? Why isn't anyone paying attention? Someone should care for me oooo.

My nephew's christening was yesterday, and it was a beautiful ceremony. I love all his names and have saved one for my son :D. I am proud of my family and our bond, and grateful to all our friends and well wishers that made it, and those who couldn't but sent good wishes.

I am also grateful for friends who have stood by me through all my "crazy" phases. I am weird that way, but grateful. God bless you.

The politics in my office is getting crazier and crazier...God will help us all.

I guess I should stop here. I'm beginning to ramble...

Hey, before I go, what would you do if your boss has just finished eating and calls out to you from the next office to come and clear the dishes?



  1. LOl...if my boss tells me to do such, guess wot! I sure will do it...abi how u wan do am pass? u wan tell her say u no go fit do am? Anyways, in my mind, i'll warn her seriously sha and report her to God :p. Pele dear, dem dey c like dat and i pray u'll get something better. It is well o!

  2. Eeya, the way you are rambling really shows that you are tired. Please, rest well during this holiday season o.

    First of all, I don't think I will work in an organization whose compnay policy will allow for my boss to ask me to clear hos table.

    If I am not so fortunate and have to work in such an organization, then I will do it, but start looking for the fastest way out of such a place.

  3. I understand your apprehension about your commute to work. I hope your route from the mainland to the island will be against traffic. I also hope that special someone makes up with you. Always know that you are loved, even if you feel otherwise. Office politics, let's not even go there. I won't find it funny one bit if my boss calls me to clear his dishes. What of the cleaners or office assistant? But, I will do it. If the cleaner is around, then I will ask her to do it. So did your boss ask you to do this?

  4. If your Boss ask you to clear the dishes, tell him you can't because it was a taboo in your culture to clear the table/wash dishes for a man who isn't your family member or husband. Chikena.

  5. lol @ Didislim... I formed deaf and didn't stand up until the Tea girl came and carried them.

    @ilola, It hit me too. I was looking at my colleague like an idiot when I heard. lol!!!

    @Che, thanks a lot, God bless you. But, no, I am not going against traffic, but it wasn't so bad yesterday. And yes, I was asked to clear the dishes, but I didn't do it because I was to shocked to understand at first, then when I got the message, the Tea girl had already come to clear the plates.

    @adebsrk, huh? Just like that? Naaa, I don't think that would work at all. It may even "tag" me as too proud and I am not sure I need the fury that comes with all that. But thanks anyway.