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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Pang of Jealousy?

Jealousy is really a bad thing.

I have always sworn that I can never be jealous of a man... Aramide, this is not saying I was jealous...I  just  came very close to it.

Here's what happened...

We were "gisting" normally, and a text message came in. I passed his phone over. Not long after, another "text" message. Then another. AND ANOTHER! I had to ask, haba, who is this? Is this work related, and he goes, no, its my friend xyz, remember, I told you about the person before. I go "ok"

Later on, I picked up the phone and was going through my own messages to him ( I am weird that way, read just my messages to him and his to me) and another message comes in from him, so I tell him and I proceed to read the message. At this stage, I was curious.

I read it and the message is "funny". I have this look on my face and start going over all other recent messages by the same sender. Mehn, they were funny too a point I had to ask, who did you say this person is to you again? Is that all you are, friends?

Na so trouble start ooo... 

His view was that I was questioning his commitment to us. My view was, yeah, i know you are friends, but can you like caution xyz a bit...

Unresolved differences. Anger. Escalation. Frustration. (Thankfully) Resolution and Drawing the line...

Should you read someone else's text message? Email? BB messages? Tweets? IM's? Where do you think the line should be drawn?

Please let me know what you think.



  1. hmmm......

    well.. I would say no you shouldn't read someone else's text, but if you genuinely happen to see it, I mean like someone had an iPhone and you pick up the phone and the text is sprawled on the home page without you even having to open the message then that is innocent.

    what you do with the information is another thing.. lol

    it is a funny area mehn.. i mean the idea is to trust right? trust that he or she will draw the line at the right place, but then people get carried away.... when do you step in? *sigh* i have no answer for you! lol

  2. thanks Angelsbeauty. Its so hard to find the answer...but even if you "happen" to see the message on the home page, should we read it?
    Its just crazy...

  3. What i tell any gurl i'm with is "If you're not ready for what you'll find,then don't search".I really don't advice checking anyone's SMS,it's just not right.Nothing is hidden under the sun,so if something is happening,it'll come to light.However,checking someones SMS doesn't really spell 'trust'.

  4. I agree with you on that one ("If you're not ready for what you'll find,then don't search")

  5. Its a very tricky thing. Yeah you should show trust but at the same time lets think about how illogical it is to really live by the "don't ask questions you aren't ready for the answers to" philosophy. Yeah i should trust you, but that's also how people get HIV. Lets be real, no one is ever going to be "ready" to hear something crazy but i'd much rather do my due diligence and find out right away than sit around and let the sh*t hit the fan and find out after we're married w/ kids that you've been out sowing your oats and bringing me back some incurable disease.