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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Money Tree

There is this driver in my office that sees me as a money bag. Everytime he sees me, all he thinks of is "i have to get something" from her, no matter what time of the month it is.

It started when I needed to go out of the office for  a meeting and I asked him to take me there. We were there well after closing hours, so when he took me back to the office, I gave him some money as he had missed the staff bus. That's where I made the mistake. The next day the same thing happened.

Not long after, he said he wanted to see me, so I gave him audience. He said I should please borrow him N200 and that he would pay me back at the end of the month. I gave him N1,000 and at the end of the month, he returned the money, but I asked him to keep it.
Two weeks later, he came again and I snapped at him and told him I didn't have anything to give him. The next day this guy came again. Na wa oh!

We had an event at the end of November and he drove me and a few colleagues to the event and said he wanted to see me. I said what for and he said later (he probably didn't want to say anything in front of them) So when I was alone, He came again with one story and I told him I was more broke than him. I thought that was the end of the matter. On our way back to the office, he saw me giving one of my colleagues some money (na message dem send me) and this "impossible driver" started having ideas. Before I could say jack, I saw him in my office and he had the same request to make. This time, I lost my patience and told him that I did not have any money to give him now or later.

Yesterday, as I was going home, this SAME MAN stopped me and said, I will come to your floor tomorrow, and I said what for? He said I want all of you there to do Christmas for me. 

Some people just don't get it shaaa!!!! What can I tell this man?


  1. That guy should be thoroughly whipped.Ah ahn!!!

  2. Na wa o. He should be seriously whipped.

  3. The guy is not even ashamed of himself. He has refused to get the message

  4. whipped very well, @ A-9ja-Great and Sade.

    @ilola, shame ke? He doesn't understand that.

  5. Privilege escalation at its peak..

  6. Whoa!that man has a lot of nerve. i believe you should apply the action speaks louder than words principle i.e stop giving him money and with time he will get the message.

  7. Babe, just send him to me...*evil grin*

  8. Didi, that's what it is.

    @ Cee, The funny thing is I don't even have money to give myself no to talk of him. I stopped giving him a long time ago.

    @Nikeey...I just might do that!


  9. Now that's funny!
    Curious to know if you got him off your back though..

  10. Somewhat. He still pauses while greeting but I always make sure I don't stand still when he is around.