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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello everyone
Its been so long...

I have so much to write about.
My abandoned 30 days challenge...*I jest havta finish it.*
My experience at "work"
A pang of Jealousy
The birth of My latest nephew (very cute one) yesterday- I think I will start with this one being the freshest of them all.

I will not rush ooo, will take it one at a time.
Happy Reading!!!!


  1. take 1 step at a time Ma`aM,we Miss You !!!

  2. I'm waiting patiently for you to write all the gists. You have to finish the 30 Day challenge oo. Take your time dear.

  3. I miss you all too @Didi..Tnks

    Thanks Che...that has become a personal challenge ooo, I will finish it one day sha.