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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Now, this post is a private joke between my sister and I.

Every year, she gets hampers from her office (vendors, friends and all) and we get to laugh over what we see. Its unfortunate that some people spend so much buying a hamper and they never get to see the nonsense that people have packed inside. Talk of expired products and useless things.

Last year, we finally categorized the hampers into 4:

  1. Pampered Hampers- These are hampers that contain "luxurious" items. Real products that you can use and will be reluctant to share with others. 
  2. Hampers- They are good products in these baskets as well. You find a mix of good foreign and local products. Can give some of the goodies out and not feel too bad.
  3. Tampers - When you see these baskets, you are not really happy. Don't get me wrong, you are grateful for the gift, but not happy because you know that so much has been sent and yet they sellers have laced the bottom with "soaked cartons", "rice sacks" and what have you to make the basket heavy and look full.
  4. Dampers- If you are sad when you get Tampers, you are ashamed when you see a damper. In these baskets, you find expired products, you find and plenty funny looking canned goods with only Chinese instructions. Did you get a hamper? oh, yes. Lol!!!
Have fun categorizing all the hampers you find!!!

Where will you categorize this one? 



  1. Category 3..that get me every time ...

  2. Lol!

    Lemme make a prophecy...May you receive a pampered hamper before the week runs out!


  3. ROFLMAO LWKMD Man,i love the categories cutie.

  4. Looolll. Unfortunately, I get no hamper of any type

  5. I use to get Pampers Hamper...filled with the typical stuffs you find in a baby's pampers. But wait... I saw one gangster hamper yesterday, the only thing missing was a car. Word!

  6. Gangster Hamper...I love that...

  7. Lol... I will think those are pampered Hampers.

  8. lol.loving the categories. hampers definitely have levels

  9. LOL, I love the categories. Now when I see a hamper, i will also categorize it :-). The ones in the picture look like "hampers" to me.

  10. Thanks @ A-9ja-Great

    @ilola, that makes the 2 of us the word "gangster hamper" we are going to add it to the categories (wink)

    @Didislim, me too!

    @9jaFoodie, yeah, it was a pampered hamper alright.

    @stelzz, yes ooo!

    @Che, Well, to me, 'twas a papmpered hamper, immediately my boss saw it, it went straight to the car. lol!