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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

After 5 Till Now

Morning everyone!

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was scared of the traffic and commuting from the mainland to the Island everyday. My good friend in the office, Didi, had warned me to make sure I leave the office at exactly 5 minutes to 5 if I wanted a seat in the staff bus. Believe me, I tried. At 5 minutes to 5, my tummy started rumbling and feeling really funny. It was screaming restroom!!!. I just ignored the message. I went downstairs at 2 minutes to 5 and behold the staff bus was filled to capacity. They were just waiting for it to be 5 on the dot for them to leave the premise. Na wa ooo!

I went back into the office to pee and found my way home myself. Luckily, I sat beside an acquaintance from Saggy, who has become a friend. Of course, we caught up on old times and had a blast. I got home 5 minutes to 8 and had to start unpacking my stuff.

Just before I went to bed, I realized that I didn't "see" my toothbrush and paste, but I couldn't be bothered. I reset all my alarms and went to bed.

This morning
My alarm woke me up at 4:30, and of course I hit the snooze button and went right back to sleep. Next thing I knew my brother nudging my foot and asking me if I wasn't going to work today. I stood up faster than Bolt and asked him for the time, he said it was past 5. I ran straight to the bathroom and started searching for my toothbrush. I didn't find it and remembered that I had looked for it last night. I started panicking and when after 5 minutes I still hadn't found it, I just used my finger to brush my teeth with my brother's tooth paste. I turned on the tap and "water no gree commot". Ahhhhh! This is the work of HENEMIES!I freaked out. I remembered a drum I had seen earlier in the hall and went to get water. 

After having a bath, I took down my undies bag and lo and behold my tooth brush was smiling at me. (Shame on you for thinking I didn't brush my teeth). 

Leaving the House
Usually, I would leave my house for work wearing my shoes, all made up and set for the day. Today, I wore a pair of slippers, ran a comb through my hair and picked up my bag, thanking God that it was still dark. It took me exactly 20 minutes to get a bike out of the area to the main road and that's how I proceeded from there. Lets just say that by the time I do this for 2 weeks, I know I would have lost weight. No be small waka oh!

I never knew how important seconds where until this morning when I watched it run away.

I got to the office an hour after I left my house and I am grateful to God for making my first experience a good one.


  1. I remeber you coming to work with "smelly mouth"! Lols.

  2. eeya, pele o. see what people like us go through every day?

    don't worry, u will be fine. u'll get used to it later

    why exactly did you move to the mainland

  3. LOL @ HENEMIES....Something i do that might help you is to arrange everything that you would need a day before. I make sure my clothes are ironed (can't trust Phcn), i pack my bag, sharpen my eyeliner..LOL, etc. I love to snooze too after my alarm has gone off, so when i eventually drag myself off the bed, I quickly do what i need to do and I'm good to go.

  4. Toro, I did not come to work with smelly mouth jor! I did brush my teeth you know (lol)

    @ilola, it's not easy ooo, I tell you. But His grace is sufficient for me jare. People that are shuttling dont have 2 heads... I moved out coz my sisters who I used to share the house with have married and gone to their own homes, and the rent is too much for yours truly to manage single-handedly.
    @Che, I learnt that one after yesterday. Maybe by next week I will start doing "shakara" again (lol)

    Thanks people!

  5. Im so lazy in the morning. i look at people like you who get up and go at like 5am in amazement. i usually get up with just enough time to be 5 minutes late to work everyday lol.