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Monday, September 26, 2011

It wasn't me!

How often do we cast blame on someone else because we do not want to put our own neck on the block?
Whenever a situation turns out unfavourable, it always has to be someone else...This has been since creation (Adam & Eve), still is (just look around you at your place of work) and will forever be (I know you know that this will be the case when its your own neck too). Lol!

Even when we are caught red-handed, we always find someone else to blame...(Ask the devil, even when he was busy on another mission, it just had to be him).
I am guilty of this too. When things do not go according to plan, its so easy to blame it on someone else, especially if such a person is:

  1. not present
  2. subordinate to you
  3. can't defend himself (herself) 
Someone blamed me at work for something I had no control over sometime back. I was seething, but there was not a thing I could do about it because the person was "my senior"...I could only get mad, but that was the most I could do...
Then it got me thinking. If the person had taken the heat, he/she would not have died, but he/she decided to look good in front of his superior and make me the "bad person" I felt bad, but I somehow learnt a very big lesson. I hope I never do that to someone else.

I saw this picture and thought I would share it... I guess it says it all!!! If you really look at it, you will just shake your head and call the man names, but...(check yourself well)

Besides, the time you spend casting blame can be used to make right the something about it!!!

Have a beautiful week people!!!

Happy Birthday Audu... 
I love you to pieces, and I wish you the very best in your life.
May your life be a very sweet aroma to all that know you.
You are indeed a superstar!!! 


  1. The cartoon pix got me laughing hard.Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Anyway,i hate laying blames and i take responsibility very often,even when i'm not responsible.To some it would mean stupidity,but to me it's being better.All i wanna do in life is to make myself a better man.

  2. lol. the pic is hilarious. well said

  3. Pele o. In the end, taking responsibilities develops our character.

  4. @A-9ja-Great...seriously??? you take responsibility even when you are not to blame...?
    Very interesting....
    I guess it depends on the situation though...

  5. I'm just feeling d Laying blames on others when in actual fact, d ones laying the blames r d ones to be blamed is a norm with human beings. All i say in my mind at dat point in time is "GOD WILL JUDGE UUUUUU" (to those i cant talk back to) and i dey follow people wey i fit talk back to drag d matter o...

  6. Doris, you are just a clown!
    lol @ God will judge you to those you cant reply...try telling them to their face and give us a feedback, abeg(wink)