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Monday, August 1, 2011

Alternative / Neo Soul / Soft Rock Singer - Kafayat Quadri

Isn't it funny how you think you know someone so well, but you later find out that you just knew a "little bit" about the person? I  am saying this because of my friend, Kafayat. 
We were in secondary school together (no, I am not claiming friendship ooo) although she was a year my senior. Back then we categorized ourselves by our classes not our age, so even if you were like 19 and you were just a year above me in class and I was 14, yes, you were just "a year my senior". lol. 

Well, she played at a music concert we had in School, it was Redemption Song by Bob Marley and I remember wondering  how she learnt how to play one, and if I could ask her to teach me. I even went up to her one day, but didn't have the nerve to ask her. Gosh, I used to be so timid back then.

Anyway, after I left Saggy, I hardly kept in touch with anyone. (Maybe because I was shy, I really do not know, or do not want to know). It took another 8 or maybe 9 years before I stumbled upon Kafayat again. We happened to be neighbors (Everybody who lives on your street and the next street is a neighbor) in the same Estate. We got talking and she used to come visit me and my sisters. We exchanged information about ourselves, what we had done since leaving Saggy, where we worked, and all that normal stuff. In between she said "I also Sing" but being a doubting Thomas, I probably thought, "yeah, me too" and got rid of the information.

Until I read an article about her.

Then it hit me that she wasn't joking after all.

Here's a brief on her:

Kafayat Quadri was introduced to the Guitar at 6 years by her dad, a Land surveyor, who also taught her how to play a mouth organ. (He played tunes from famous musicians as well as used the talking drum).

She officially started playing the guitar at age 13, and her very fist performance was at FGGC Sagamu in 1996 at the school's Annual Musical Concert.

See what some people have to say about Kafayat:

Temitayo Olofinula - Independent Writer

 Please visit her page for more -

Way to go kafayat, I hope you also get to see this blog post!


  1. LOL @ "I also sing". "Yeah me too"
    Sounds exactly like what I'd do. Makes life so easy than having to deal with whether or not she truly did. I don't blame you.
    She sounded good. I wish her the best!

    I'm ffg your blog now, please do well to check out mine too

  2. thanks MsJB! Heading straight to your blog to do same!
    And yes, she does sing well!!!

  3. Do you know what they call 'afojudi' in yoruba? That is what you did to your friend when she told you she sings

  4. lol Oya tell me the meaning abeg!@ilola

  5. Oh wow you must have been so surprised when you found out that she sings.....someoneI know from school is now an author and it was a big surprise for me too. lol
    Wow learnt the guitar at 6...

  6. She's my friend on FB and I listened to her songs on repeat after she loaded them. She's really good.

  7. Gospel Girl, as in! In fact my kids had better be prepared, cuz I will make sure they learn a lot of things. (Na by force o)

  8. Myne, you are right. Its just unfortunate that i do not understand yoruba so well,but she does sing well!

  9. Nice one from your friend.Now you see what your doubting thomas almost caused?! LOL

  10. Hmmmmn...nice. Sounds a lil bit like Asa. Ema, i sing too oooo, lol, just be prepared to blog bout me soonest. *wink wink*

  11. Neosoul is totally my favorite genre, thanks for adding one more talent to my list of favorite musicians. She sounds real good!