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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How my day went

What a day! I don’t even know where to start from in my narration. Was it bad? Was it worse than bad? Or should I be grateful that through it all, I am alive, although hassled, but well?

Maybe I should narrate how my day went to you…

I woke up suddenly by 7:45am on a Monday morning. I bet the alarm went off in my head because; I checked my phone and saw that the screen was blank. I was surprised as I had plugged my phone to charge the battery just before I slept the night before. I looked up and realized that the socket hadn’t been turned on.

I rushed out of bed in a hurry and stepped on my nephews upturned box of Legos. I yelped in pain and as I jumped on the good foot, I bumped into the wall. There was no need to yelp anymore, I just swallowed the pain and gingerly walked out of my room.

I got into the bathroom, scrubbed myself and turned on the shower to rinse out to soap and leave the bathroom. Alas, the water had run out with soap all over my face. I blindly tried to grab my towel to wipe the soap from my face. In the process, I knocked down all my bottles and jars of “Clinique” and “clean & clear”. I was horrified. I finally wiped my face and was able to get water to rinse out my body.

I tried to put on my clothes and realized that my favorite Hawes & Curtis Shirt had been burned by my drycleaner and neatly folded. I was so mad, and promised myself that I would buy myself another one from his salary. I grabbed anothershirt and picked up my shoes and bag and headed for my car, praying that the road would be free from traffic for my sake.

I got into the car and when I tried to pull out; I noticed I had a flat tire. I almost cried in exasperation. Could anything possibly go worse? I asked no one in particular. I got out put all my things together and tried to hail a cab. I was successful and smiled to myself (thinking the day might just go well after all).

We started our journey with all the traffic and suddenly the taxi started jerking and spluttering. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. The taxi man came out and started tinkering with all sorts behind his bonnet. Because I was running out of very precious time, I decided to ditch him and find an alternative means of transportation.

I got my desire a few minutes after when a bus came my way. I hurriedly made my way towards it and to my surprise, I found myself being pushed from different sides. I moved aside and saw that the people who were pushing were trying to get into the same bus. I didn’t wait to see what would happen, the animal in me surfaced. I pushed and clawed my way into the bus. I got in and sat down happily when I noticed that that my right sleeve was not only torn but had a dirty palm print on it. How was I going to go to get to the office this way? And on a Monday morning too? I was so upset, that I dint even know when I got down from the bus. I only realized I had alighted when one girl squeezed past me. I rolled my eyes at her and hissed from the depth of my being. (That made me feel good). However I still had to get to the office.

Standing at the bus stop, I pondered on my next move and at that instance, a bike came to where I was standing. The bike man smiled at me. I glared at him in return. He said “madam, where you dey go?” I suddenly realized that he just might be an angel in disguise. I told him where my office was located in Festac, we agreed on a price and I hopped on. The ride was going smoothly until we reached a portion of the road that was being constructed. I paid no attention to the road until a 2011 “Muscle”(Toyota Camry) splashed muddy water on me. I shrieked till all I could see was the brake lights of the car. I had admired the car before now, and all I felt at this point was hatred.

I finally got to my office and the gate man had the nerve to ask me “shuo, madam wetin happen? Na fight? I hissed at him and went into the office. Only to be greeted by my boss at the door. “Where have you been? Do you realize we have a meeting for 8:30 this morning and it’s already 8:15?” I stutter and say that I wasn’t informed. He doesn’t listen and tells me that I would be presenting at the meeting and had better be prepared. I nod my head and tell him I will be ready by then. He walks off muttering that I had better go get myself a shirt before the meeting.

I borrow a colleagues jacket to hide my "sins" and put on my shoes. I practice my smile and walk towards my boss’s office. He looks up in relief that my torn shirt has been covered. Together we walk towards the conference room for the meeting at which I was expected to make a presentation. As soon as I took a step into the room, the heel of my 5’ shoe broke.

Needless to say, I burst into tears and ran out of the room. It was all too much for me.

Please tell me, how did your own day go?


  1. but its a hell of a day and hope it doesnt happen to someone i h8 sef.
    it can happen to a proud chic sha and hope i se her wen its all happening

  2. but its a hell of a day and hope it doesnt happen to someone i h8 sef
    it can happen to a proud chic sha and hope i se her wen its all happening

  3. hmmm...well apparently ur day didnt go well.

    For me it was - at some point- all tears, after been scolded by my boss like a kid after following instructions, and by the way that wasnt even the issue. The reason for for her--ranting--was b'cos i sent a cleaner ( but clean/smart boy) to get pastries in VI for shareholders.... did i do bad?? with no office assistant.


  4. is this a true life story????|

    Well i guess there are days like this

  5. nooo!
    Just a figment of my imagination on a day things were not going so well for me.