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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ready or not?

Hello world!

Its been waaaaayyyyy tooooooo long.

I don't know how its possible for someone who desires solitude to avoid quiet places. I love reading blogs and reading things generally, but somehow, that hasn't been possible for me in such a long time. For the past 1 week however, my mind has been coming back here. I owe you my follower a profound apology for "letting life happen". I will not promise to blog everyday, but I will try my best (God aiding me) to be more regular.

I'm sure you are wondering what finally made me come back? Well today while we were all busy at work, someones phone started ringing and this made everyone in the office stop, look up with fear and mentally count everyone to be sure we were not "suddenly" missing anyone. Now I'm sure this has you interested. Yes? 
Guess what the ring tone was? It was the sound of "the Trumpet"!!!
SO we all stopped and looked up. All of us- Muslims and Christians alike. Mehn, it was a quick but silent count to be sure that all of us were still there. As soon as my own (I can only speak for myself) headcount was over, I whispered a prayer. I asked God not to let the trumpet sound and leave me on this side of the "Great Divide". Little did I know that it wasn't only me who uttered a prayer.

A full 2 minutes later, we all (in unison) breathe a huge sigh of relief and started to laugh about it chastising the owner of the ring tone.

After laughing, I decided to dust the cobwebs here. We really are in the end times with chaos, wars, and all sorts of vices- Are you ready? The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ (Aka "Rapture") will happen in the twinkle of an eye. There really wont be time to pray for a "change"

Here's an excerpt on TD Jakes Comment on the legalized Gay marriage in America- 
"There's nothing to say that Christianity will be the dominant religion in this country. I hope it will. It's up to us," he added, going on to say that Christians have "stopped witnessing" and "stopped winning souls" and continue to isolate themselves from people who do not "believe like we believe."
That runs against what Jesus commanded His followers to do, he insisted, adding, "Jesus said go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every living creature."
"So we need to change as a Church too. We need to start reaching out to all types of people and preaching to them and ministering to them and sharing our faith with them. I don't mean on Sunday morning. I mean in the mall, I mean in the grocery store, I mean while you're getting your hair done. It's time for you to be a real Christian. I mean a real Christian, and win people to Jesus Christ. And you can start in your own house," Jakes admonished his flock and the countless others watching the service via livestream. Source

As Christians, let the world see Jesus in you. Don't let your light go down.
I want us to dance with the angels and Worship God together forever.

Live ready!!!

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  1. my dear, we need to keep this in perspective every second.
    We are closer to the end than we first believed plus its getting tougher being a Christian.
    Help us dear father God.