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Friday, July 24, 2015

Married Dating: The Ashley Madison Hack Saga

Nothing is private. Not when you have to put it online anyway. I bet the account owners of Ashley Madison have realized this a little too late. Funny, this isn't even the first time a dating website as been hacked into. Yet we find people flocking to these websites every time.

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 I don't even want to imagine how those who have accounts on Ashely Madison (Read all about it here source 1 and here source 2) must be feeling right now. Its like all their secrets have been exposed.
How do you face your spouse? How do you explain to your family? Your friends? How do you raise your head up when you have been caught pants down with your hands in the proverbial cookie jar? How does your partner (who probably has been faithful to you) trust you again?


Is there really a thing called Married dating?Like how can you be married and still be dating at the same time?

I ain't no judge, but it just sounds so wrong!!! Wrong on all counts.If you are married please, stay married and leave dating for the single men and women. You CAN'T date someone other than your spouse. If you are divorced or widowed, then you can date, but married dating, please count me out. I don't even want to go to the spiritual aspect of it.

Indeed I know "stolen waters are sweet" but be rest assured that it always give a bad tummy ache. It leaves a bitter taste of bile after. The end result is totally not worth all the effort in the long run.

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If you start thinking of cheating on your spouse, please, add spice and zest to your marriage. Talk to your spouse about it, let him or her know what it is you find lacking and both of you can reach an agreement on how to jazz up things together. It isn't as easy as it sounds, but its a lot better than the guilt you feel when you cheat and the feeling of shame you feel when you "get caught". 

There isn't such a thing as married dating. Its either you are dating or you are married. But you can't have both worlds at the same time.

What's your view of this whole married dating thing? Please share your views with me in the comment section. I'd really really love to hear from you.

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  1. There's nothing we wont hear o! Orisirisi, orukuruku tins all over the place...God dey.

  2. my dear, you need to follow one make_or breakup on instagram..your eyes will pop!!
    Married dating is nothing..the things that people do these days,.