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Monday, July 13, 2015

Advice needed please


Hope you had a smashing weekend?  Mine was a blur of activities.  I don't even know how we reached Monday.  I'm still booting. 😑

Please I urgently and desperately need your advice. How do you tolerate people you can't get rid of? Like they are around you no matter what, so you have to deal with them. I need advice and help because my patience is running out real fast.

I look forward to your responses in the comment section. Thank you in anticipation.

Have a favor -full week.



  1. Babe, pele o! Lol. My dear you can't possibly erase them from your life so you just have to deal with them. I know that type of feeling sha and I've learnt overtime that they can be loved #WhatWillJesusDo?