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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amazing Things Happen in Lagos...+ Random Gist

Hello my beautiful people. One whole month has passed again. Can you beat that? I don't even know how the time flew by...well I think I was hoping it will fly sha. I was so broke this March #sigh. I couldn't wait for month end to get my salary. lol

Haha, speaking of being broke, my brother encouraged me to do "Ajo" that was way above me this year. He contributed half of the money and I contributed the other half. The sad thing is he credited my account for 3 months upfront. Apparently, I didn't get an alert for the 3rd credit and thought God had suddenly enlarged my bank Account. So I spent the money with abandon and thought life was good...until He called me to remind me at the end of February that He wasn't due to make another contribution till April. Mbok, where do I start from? See me sweating in the office that day. He had to send me his bank statement and I had to go back to my banks to verify the payments made too.  At the end, I had to squeeze my account till they bled to pay up my "gbese". At that point, I remembered why I had promised myself never to go the "Ajo way" again. #Sigh 
Lesson learned: Always make sure the money you are spending so carelessly is your own. #EnoughSaid.

Ok, here's a warning to you! This is a random and looonnngggg post. I have so many bits and pieces and I will put it up here once and for all. No one knows when next I will come up for air here. #wink

I will start with my topic- :)
This morning I woke up at 7am and snoozed my alarm till 7:30am. I was having a hangover from the headache I had for 3 days straight. Yeah, it wasn’t a typo, I had a headache all of Saturday, Sunday and Monday and when I woke up this morning, I gently moved my head to be sure there was no pain. I had made up my mind that if there was, I'd just rest and call in sick. Fortunately (I didn't have any severe pain, Thank God) and unfortunately (I wanted to rest for just one day) for me, there was no pain, so I just decided to laze a bit and go late to work. I picked up my phone and saw a message from @Adetoro who has been an amazing benefactor. She got bashed yesterday after dropping me off and had to work on her car. So technically, I was on my own today.
I finally dragged myself out of bed and got ready for work, got a bus and settled for the ride. As soon as the bus took off from the park, a preacher started. I hate it when people preach in buses because most times they expect you to give them an "offering" and to me that doesn't speak well of Christians. Anyway, he got to a point and decided to continue his sermon in Yourba. He said he will revert to English but wanted those who don't speak English to also get carried along. Suddenly, the lady beside him started interpreting what he was saying in English. The Preacher stopped instantly. Since he was sitting directly in front of me, I got the look on his face. It was priceless. From surprise to irritation to the thought that "I hope she won’t ask to share the proceeds with me when I'm done". Haha. Anyway, he couldn't stop her so they continued. I must say, they sounded really good together. 
I was the first passenger to alight from the bus and you totally won’t believe what I am about to tell you! As I stepped out of the bus, I stepped on poop! Yuck. I didn't even realize until I was trying to lift my other foot and then I almost slipped. So I looked at the floor and that's when I saw it. OMG! I was disgusted. Who is the blundering idiot who will poop on a paved walkway? It wasn't at the side of a street or something, but an open space!!!. Na wa ooo. We see so many amazing (not the good kind) things in this Lagos sha. Since I was already late, I wiped my shoe off properly on the pavement not caring about the mess I was creating. I am so thankful I didn't wear shoes made out of cloth but of leather today. At least wiping it off wasn't such a problem.

To more interesting things! Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yommie won the "Big Nigerian Wedding" I am so excited for them. Fancy having a wedding completely free!!! in Lagos!!! Abeg, that fasting is working well for her biko. I saw her boo yesterday and I just had to shake his hand. I told him I needed to tap into that anointing abeg! Congrats #Yomyem. I wish you a blissful union.

On Sunday, I went to my Tl and saw all sorts of comments about the SSS shooting saga. I am beyond speechless! I can’t help the picture forming in my mind that our security as a nation is really lax. I hope we are able to sit down and tighten our security belt properly. Boko haram has played on our intelligence as a nation for too long!

Ibadan town! I hail thee. So many evil reports it’s unbelievable!!! Form the den of horrors to the "tongue-carrying-mad-man to the ritualists to the man who was "suddenly possessed” to slaughter a girl to ... Na wa ooo. I hope man's inhumanity will be tamed. Let’s seriously pray for Nigeria.

On a sad note, a friend sister of mine lost her job along with a number of others. The sad thing is there was no warning, they just resumed one day and by the close of Business, they had letters in their hands. Just like that! It hasn't been easy getting jobs and most of them have attended interviews and promises have been made and all that. I just keep praying that all will be well.
Somehow, it reminds me of life. We never know what will happen the next moment. We all keep saying "live ready" but how many people are really ready when circumstances turn unfavorable? We need an anchor to hold us in times like this because without it, we have no hope. No life.

I really don't want to end this post on such a depressing note, so let me think of something cheerful to write about....#thinking
Ah, I just thought of something. Two of my friends are currently in the US to have their babies. I wish them a smooth delivery, healthy babies and of course an amazing journey in motherhood!
Speaking of motherhood, Happy mother’s day (hey, its never too late!) to all the fabulous mom's out there. To the aspiring mom's may God give you the privilege to be called "mum" one day as well.

Hahaa. I just thought of another cool thing. My nephew is talking a mile a minute now. It’s hard to understand what he says but its sooo cute watching him. I love that boy!!!


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