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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oversabi...Or should I say Intimidators?

Hi everyone, trust you have been as good as me? lol

Hope the weekend went well though? I had a really busy weekend. I was in school all day, well most of it on Saturday and Sunday. Oh yes, Accounting is not beans and for the first time it is beginning to look less like baby graffiti to sink in. Glory be to God!!!
Ah, yes it have rish to bring God into the marra oooo. I have been having cold "flooded" feet if there's anything like that since I realized I had to take the course. Postponed it since last year June and now I cant postpone it any more, so the tutorials and the plenty man hours studying. (Well, Switched at birth still has a hold on me but the fear of failure is stronger than switched at birth abeg).

So while we were in class I noticed that I seemed to be the only one who hadn't opened my book at all. I was almost intimidated, but I held my head. I refused to slow any one down with all my questions, but I made sure to ask questions where I didn't understand. At some point I lost my frown and started smiling even. Accounting is really not as bad as I have always imagined. I still think there are way too many unrealistic assumptions though and stupid questions too but I will just keep my uninformed opinion to my self. 

There were some people in class that made me realize that they most have finished the black book (course material) like from cover to cover so many times. Too many bankers, auditors and just some oversabi people in class abeg that would just be asking some questions which are way over syllabus probably just to "show" themselves or to intimidate people like me who hadn't read anything. I must confess it worked ooo, because I started feeling really sorry for myself and had already started thinking of how blank my exam sheet will be because I didn't understand it. Can you imagine?
It got so bad at a point that one of the girls was like, "Mr. D, remember the last class we had, you said something different.." At that point I was like hold on, have you had a class before this one? The girl was like no, it was another tutorial session. So I asked her: Have you written this course before? Her response- "Yes, but I failed it". I had the "eureka" moment. Aha, so that's why you want to intimidate me abi? Hmn, I started looking at all the other "oversabi's' in class and I was like, oh really! So all this your gra gra, you don write exam fail am before abi? And you wan come make person craze like say e be olodo. God don catch you.
From that point on, I lost all sense of fear. I remembered what Timothy says ...

 "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,...1 Tim 4:12"

 and I knew that I could actually learn all I wanted to within the few hours I had left. The rest of the class went really well, I didn't have any issue understanding what was being taught and I actually enjoyed the class and surprise surprise, I actually answered some questions. Yay me!

Lessons learned: 

  • Never get intimidated by people who seem to know it all. 
  • Make an attempt to understand the situation for yourself and never let anyone's perspective becloud your own judgement.
  • Never let the fear of something stop you from trying to overcome it. If at first you don't even succeed, keep trying.


  1. Well said,dear.... @ lessons learnt....I enjoy and always look forward to your hilarious and inspiring write-up's..

  2. very true!

    p.s your posts never show up on my blogger dashboard I don't know why. I've followed, unfollowed, refollowed so many times :(

  3. Lolz @ ur eureka moment. So u just happy say ur money never loss b4 and all doz over sabi pipu don fail b4 atink? Lolll. U no want make dem ask questions make dia moni no loss again ni? If na u be dem, i dey sure say 4 every sentence the lecturer make, na 10 questions go follow am. Lolz. Not to worry dear, U WILL PASS