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Friday, January 24, 2014

Flooded Room

Hi everyone, its Friday!!!!!!!!!

Do I hear a whoop whoop? I'm pretty excited, this week has been crazy for me. Let me just summarize it briefly. 
On Monday, I spent my day in the hospital and at the dentist where I got a molar pulled out. The unfortunate thing is I'm not allowed to take pain killers because they no longer work for me (an over-dependence on them over the years I guess) so I have been banned for my own good. Now the Dentist was faced with a dilemma. I needed a form of pain killer to help relieve the pain the extraction would bring. She finally settled on Ibuprofen which I had to go back to my doctor to check. My Doctor refused and told me I could only use PCM. 
I had the tooth extracted and all seemed well until the anesthesia wore off, then I knew what it meant to dance in flames. By the time my mum called to see how I was faring, I cried like a baby (I always do that right? see here) and I didn't feel ashamed at all. The pain had me thinking of life and death, like seriously.  It was horrendous. Now I believe that PCM is child's play compared to other pain killers. I was so sure I had developed a fever and all that. I still feel the pain but its a lot better and the gum is healing nicely too.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur of pain and Thursday came with its own craziness. I got home early and just decided to curl up in bed and watch "Switched at birth" while ditching my books. I suddenly got hungry and decided to go get a glass of milk and a slice of cake from the kitchen. I decided to pee first and that's where it happened.
I had finished my business in the toilet had washed my hands and was about to leave when I suddenly decided to "turn to a plumber" without thinking. I tried to tighten a leaking faucet for the water heater when suddenly it just burst in my face. I struggled to fix it but by then there was water gushing out and creating a mess. I was dismayed. I didn't plan to clean, I just wanted a glass of milk to continue my movie. I rushed out of the bathroom to the main room door and yelled for T to come quickly, by the time he came, the water had filled up the bathroom and had started seeping in to the main room. It wasn't funny. We started looking for the main to turn off the water supply completely. Of course we didn't find it. T asked me to please hold the head again to reduce the flow while he went to look for a handy man. By then I was completely soaked. He came with a plumber who tried to screw the head back, he just ended up creating a bigger mess, then another one came in and also tried. In the end, we had to turn of the entire water supply for the entire apartment allow it drain out in our bathroom then they fixed the problem. By then, one of the estate cleaners had come in and we (the cleaner, T and I) found ourselves mopping up water. It took us over an hour to finish and that was because while they mopped I used a dustpan to shovel up the water into the mop bucket making it faster (very smart #wink).

Anyway, by the time we were done, I was exhausted. The sad thing is my room is currently in disarray as we had to move the bed, Ottoman, bedside tables and everything else to one half of the room. The good thing is my room is dry and sparkling right now as we were able to mop under the bed and all the nooks and crannies in the room. Thank goodness my room is tiled and not rugged. That would have been nasty.

I finally got back to bed but I realized my tablet wouldn't charge, so I had to abandon my movie. It was for good I guess because I had a really good nights sleep.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Its not like I get to rest or anything (I have classes all through) but I just feel it will go well.

Have an amazing weekend people!

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