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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Random

Compliments of the Season to you my friend. We have made it this far only by the Grace of God and I am happy we made it together! I do not know why I am so excited about this Christmas but I can sense that everything good will surely come.  I hope and pray the same for you too. 


Yesterday my pretty niece was christened. Her name is Moriah which means "place of worship" Its such a beautiful name for a pretty princess. I couldn't attend the christening though, I was stuck at work an left the office well after 6 pm. I got to her house and I met the rest of my family and my amazing friends (you know yourselves) were there too. Too much to eat and drink and yet we were fighting over chilled cans of coke. #smh we can be agbaya's sha. But we had a good time. Family rocks always!!!


We started the 2nd phase of our workshop today. We organized a 10 Point CPD for MD's and MO's and the turn out wasn't too bad considering we had rescheduled and we didn't really publicize it. I doubted that people will even turn up, but I learned  lesson today, People are always hungry for knowledge...well I think (except its the CPD they were after! lol). The workshop turned out pretty well, and we will round it up tomorrow by God's grace.


I am excited! Christmas is around the corner. I just feel that this Christmas will be very different for me in every sense of it. I do not know why, but I am truly expectant that everything good will come! Please tell Santa I was a good girl for the better part of the year. #Adjusts halo. If you were good all year, then please throw the first Christmas chicken at me. lol!


I think I have forgotten the difference between "were and "where". I tried so hard to go back to read this post, but I just couldn't figure out if I used them correctly. Please don't be offended if you notice my errors. My brain just isn't processing it at this moment. And if e dey pain you too much, abeg commot eye!.


I was totally pissed off at my friend yesterday for doing something I'm not sure she would have tolerated if tables had been turned. I am still a bit upset but a whole lot better. We get to learn things everyday and yesterday was no different. I was still trying to absorb that one when I realized my phone fell and the screen broke. Which kian gbese be this na? I haven't even finished paying for it and now the screen is broken. "Na wa ooo" in baby Muna's voice. I don't think I have told you about baby Muna. She is an adorable one year old who knows the bestest time to use the "Na wa o" Phrase. I don't know who taught her (I'm very sure its her mum- but she keeps denying it) but she makes you think everytime she uses it. It is always at the exact moment.
Speaking of children, my 3 year old nephew asked my elder brother yesterday "is that girl going home with you?" when he was ready to go to his place. We were all speechless. I didn't know my 3 year old nephew knew how to matchmake. He totally ignored my other friend who is preggers and focused on this one and asked my brother to take her home. I am still in awe as at now. We had a really good laugh though and told my brother that even his 3 year old nephew wanted him to get married and settled down quickly. Unfortunately for my nephew the chick in question is happily married. lol.

Any one following this Iyabo/Obasanjo drama happening? Na wa ooo. I don't even know who or what to believe. If Iyabo didn't write that open letter, who did? How did so many facts come up? WHats with the open letters to everyone these days?

What's all the noise about Doris Simeon employing a Nursing mother to work at her salon? Some peeps just be looking for trouble anyhow. So because she is a nursing mother she shouldn't work again abi? How are we not even sure Doris did her a favor by employing her? When I first saw the picture, I assumed they were complaining about the way the woman was dressed. (I actually expected smart uniforms). But to be complaining about her being a nursing mom? Na real wa. Like many people that work in corporate organizations don't nurse their babies? Abeg lets hear word jare.

Traffic in Lagos has been something else lately. These days I find myself praying for the roads to be free and for speed too. Everyone is "shopping" yet we complain there is no money! I wonder if its air they now exchange for goods in Lagos market. Maybe I should try my luck? lol.

Ah, I remember now why I decided to put up this random post. Yesterday while at my sister's we (my mum, sister and friends) were discussing childhood. I brought up the story of what happened to me a long time ago when I stole. We grew up using bournvita because my mum believes that milo was too sweet. So i was used to seeing Bournvita and milo (whenever dad went shopping) as well as ovaltine. So on this fine day when I saw a Nescafe Coffee bottle, I was curious. I opened it and sniffed and you can imagine the delicious aroma. It woke up my senses and I just had to have a mouthful or 2. I snuck into the kitchen where my mum and sister were, stole a tablespoon without their knowledge (I'm not sure now if my mum's eagle eye saw me or not) and went back to the table and opened the coffee jar. I heaped the spoon and shoved it in my mouth in a hurry to try to get in a second mouthful before closing the lid and slinking away as a thief would. Alas! The worst shock of my life!. 
I couldn't help it. I screamed. My sister and mum came running into the dinning room. I was already in tears by then and was trying to spit the vile substance from my mouth. My sister was quick to raise her hand to strike me, but my mum cautioned her and told her not to bother that the bitter taste was punishment enough for me. I will never ever forget it. She looked at me and said If I like I should steal again and just  left me there.
I still respect coffee till date and every time I try to taste something new I am careful to taste with the tip of my tongue first. #Habitsdiehard

Ok. End of my random post. I hope this post cheered you up? Yes? Gotta hit the road now. I just uttered a prayer to God to clear the road again. Wish me luck!



  1. Something is wrong, I never see your posts on my dashboard, not sure why.

    I enjoyed reading this :) :) :) Plus you made me miss home and family :( :( :(

  2. Okies.

    This is properly random - but still manages to be quite good.

    I wish you have as great a time as you expect for Christmas. For me, I'm just gonna lay low and hope for a come-n-chop call!

    Rotfl. Morale: never be fooled by first impressions! :P

    Merry Christmas in advance.


  3. Lolz!!! I think I like the coffee story...:-p

  4. Lmao! I really enjoyed this random post... especially the last one! Reminded me of my aunt's 1 year old son and his many escapades/hard lessons *winks*

    Happy New year!!!