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Friday, December 13, 2013

Odd behaviour

I have an odd behaviour. Its not really odd like that, but its kind of not normal too.

I hate people touching my stuff or going through my things in my absence. It always leaves me feeling violated or ravaged. Like my personal space has been evaded.  I actually thought I would outgrow it with time, but now I think its getting worse. I remember once when someone went to my office and took money from my purse. I never used that wallet again. I gave out the bag even though it was new. 
I also hate people touching me, especially people I am not familiar with. I think I have mentioned that here before. It just gives me the creeps. I shudder just to think about it.
 I decide to put it up here because I noticed my sister also has an odd habit. Hers is really weird abeg. Even worse than mine. Once her car has a scratch or dent, she disassociates herself from it completely. She sold off her old car and got herself a Lexus which she liked. Then one day in the car park where it was parked, someone brushed her. She didn't notice it that day because she closed late from work. The next day after she got to work she got down from her car and that was when she saw it. She gradually stopped using it and right now the car just sits in the front of her house.

What weird habit or behaviour do you have? Don't be a stranger, use the comment box.



  1. Ah! Pls tell ur sister I don't mind using dented cars o...infact, @ ds "pwent" if I could get a dented 1 (4 dash o) e go pay me wella :-p

  2. Hahaha.

    Tho I'd call these pretty accentuated, I can totally relate.

    I could have a deal with your sis oh. I'll encourage her 'uniqueness' and she can give me first option on those not-quite-so-good-anymore cars ;-)

    Oh, my own odd behaviour? That'll be telling people with odd behaviours they're not so odd after all! :D