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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My God is...

Who is God to you?

He is everything to me.

My comforter, my shield and buckler. My healer and protector, friend, father, mother, provider, keeper, adviser, confidante.

He is the one I turn to when  I need help, when I need a smile, a hug, re-assurance, peace, money, information. My father never ever fails me. He shows up right on time for me. Never a moment before or a moment after. He is not a stranger all. He provides my needs, keeps me satisfied.

No one can deny him no matter how hard they try. Who can deny that God exists? Take a look around you. See the earth, the heavens, look at the sea body and the deserts. Climb up the hills and mountains. Take a look at the peaks. Go down to the depths of the earth and the valleys.

Look at the sea and the many different creatures in it. How can you doubt what is so obvious? Have you tried counting the species of the fish? Or the animals in the green forests? Who keeps them at bay and draws the invisible line where they can’t cross? Who keeps the sea at bay?

Can you control the times? Can you stop a second from counting? Have you tried stopping the afternoon from coming after the morning? Or the evening from taking over from the afternoon?
Can you tell the sun not to shine? Or the moon not to give light?

Can you call the different people that exist a mistake? Black, white, coloured? Have you seen the composition of the human body? All the veins and arteries? Can you create the entire organs? The body parts? The sinews and muscles? Have you tried to create blood before? Who made the human brain? Who gave it function?

Who forms the baby in the womb?  Who nurtures it? Who protects it? Who tells it when it’s time to come out? Who gives breath to create life? Who teaches people to smile, to cry, to show emotion?

I have come to give you worship my father in heaven. Who on earth, above it or beneath it can be like you? Indeed I was meant to give you praise. 
Only a mad man will open his mouth to say God doesn't exist. I will serve you and you alone all the rest of my days.

I pledge my unwavering allegiance to you my creator.

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