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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life and Death

Every day new births are recorded and celebrated somewhere.
Everyday deaths are recorded and mourned. Some celebrated for life well spent, some mourned for a short life spent.
No one likes to hear news of deaths, buts its a circle of life that can't be avoided.

When I first learned of the death of Paul Walker I mourned his passing. I just thought to myself this life is like air. It can't be captured. You live and next thing you are gone. I went to google to look at his incredible eyes again. I couldn't help but feel (like many i'm sure) that it was just such a waste of a "specie". If you doubt me, check out these pictures...

I was really sad, but smiled a little when I saw his amazing eyes. Then I smiled a whole lot more when I saw a supposed quote by him "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling"This also made me think - here was someone who loved what he did for a living. I mean, to say that the person must obviously be totally and passionately committed to the cause. I wondered if the same could be said of me after I had passed? What is it that I like to do so much that even though I know its so risky as hell, I would be willing to live so dangerously on the edge of life just to gain that feeling of satisfaction? I am still thinking of an answer to that question. I ought to live my life like it will be the last day on earth, but also have a positive effect on people as well.

Then Mandela also passed.

The whole world is paying tribute to him. He. was. a. great. man. and I am honoured to have known him in my life time. He had flaws just like any other human being. But he is revered today because he was such a selfless individual. I hope to be remembered and honoured like him when I'm gone.

Now these 2 "public figure" deaths have taught me something very important. Appreciate people when they are alive. They will never get to know about it when they are dead. Why gives flowers only when someone is dead? Why eulogize someone who has gone? Buy the flowers today. Send the cards now. Say "I love you" to that special someone right now.  Don't waste any more time. Apologise for that wrong doing now. This life as we know it is fleeting. Someone is here today and gone the next second.


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  1. I'm sorry for all d wrongs I've done...especially d ones yet 2 come:-p Secondly, mo lovu e gan...worrelse? Life is really too short to keep holding grudges against people when the time spent on earth can be used in making positive impact and affecting lives greatly. I join u in celebrating Paul and Madiba jare. God keep us all and help us number our days well. It is well