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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday's Random

Hello blogworld!
How have you been? Its been a minute, I know. Trust the weeks have been good to you?

I went to Ibadan for a wedding last Saturday, and I had a really good time. We (we were a company of 8 people in 2 cars) left Lag about 6am because of the Environmental Sanitation and we were in IB in record time. We had so much time to spare before the wedding commenced that we went to the University of Ibadan Zoo. It was such an amazing time there. We saw all the animals they had there even though some of them were sleeping #Sadface. I felt sorry for the animals. Magnificent animals reduced to "puppets". The zoo concept is a good one, but I always wonder won't this animals be better off in the wild? Anyway, I had a great time seeing all the species of animals for display there. The one that got us all laughing was the gorrilla, abi na baboon. I don't even remember. He was just enjoying himself and entertaining us as well. Here are a few pictures...

The donkey was braying very nicely

Sleeping lions

Very dirty warthog

The baboon (or gorilla) that made our day
My only wish is that they maintain it better. On our way back to the venue from the Zoo for the wedding, we saw a car with a Lunatic Learner's sign. Boy, did we have a good laugh. We figured even a driver from Lagos would have seen the sign clearly. Luckily, I took a picture.
This is no longer an "L" sign but a massive "ELU". lol

The wedding itself was a beautiful one. MC's just have a nack for making the bride and groom act like mumu's sha. At this wedding, the MC had the groom sticking out his butt and doing all sorts. The groom was laughing as were all of us, but the MC reprimanded him and told him he wasn't ready to marry. Omoh, the groom set his face straight. Lol. There was plenty to eat and drink...I just had fun.
Here's a picture of the bride. She looked really nice. Oh, and her beads were by none other than Leecious Designs! (I just had to put that there jare:D )
Happy married life darling!

We left IB quite late so we got home about 8:30 - 9:00 ish. In the end it was a good day.

Yesterday, I read a blog post by St Adlyne about the Pompadour updo. I have always admired the hairstyle on Janelle Monae, but I have never had the guts to try it out. The funny thing is I actually love the style...but from a distance.
This morning while trying to come up with a different look for my hair, Janelle Monae came to mind. I actually sat on the edge of the bathroom and started braiding my hair just for the fun of it.
When I was done, I was extremely proud of myself and I even switched my attire to black and put on a white neck piece (talk about hair inspired outfit. lol) After that, I decided to take some selfies and would you know it, I saw myself doing this post.
I must say, I've gotten more compliments than when I first made this hair and I'm proud of my look today.

Thank you ST for inspiring this look today.Have a look-see.

I really should get back to work now.
Here's wishing you a beautiful day.


  1. you really had fun. I loveeee the beads, so beautiful... and that hair style is so cool! weldone!

  2. Blessings....
    Hair looks good, as for the zoo - "that's why the caged bird no longer sings," because its its singing that got it caged in the first place. Human beings likes to possess things, animals are no exception.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    stay blessed.

    1. I agree. The caged animals looked like they had lost a major part of themselves. #sigh
      Have a blessed day too!

  3. That Goriilla ..hmmn
    that Gorilla....meanwhile, did you make it out of your room with that hair????

    1. That gorrilla made our day!
      Yes I did ooo. I couldn't beleive it too. It was worth the effort jare. Once in a while we need to :shock people" lol.
      Yipee!!! O!mjay commented on my blog!!!! I'm dancing non-stop.

  4. Looks like you really had fun, its a nice experience. Love your hairstyle :)

    1. I had a lot of fun dear. Thanks a lot.
      I loved the hair too. #wink

  5. That zoo's a fun one. Gor a few memories too. :D

    Those creatures will arguably fare better in the wild. Question is: will you [considering most of us take some form of delight in seeing them]?

    Ibadan has to be a nightmare for any [sane] driver. Even the ones without billboards tick you off. How much more this?

    Wow! You made that hair by yourself? There's this myth about women that make their own hair oh :O Hahaha. *jumps fence* Looks really good, tho!