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Friday, July 19, 2013

HR Exponential Training

HR Exponentials is a full-service Human Resource Company that offers a modern and customized human resources management and staffing services. It was established in 2010 with the goal to be a single source for all clients' human resource needs while they focus on actualizing their strategic business objectives. 
HR Exponentials (HRE) tailors the needs of their clients to the resources available given the business environment in which they operate to reduce cost, minimize employer-related risks and reduce administrative burden of HR and maintain focus on developing products, services and employees.

Our services cover:
  • Training - Well structured and aimed at upgrading and motivating the workforce to perform optimally
  • Recruitment - We handle every aspect of the recruitment process from sorting, selecting and interviewing leading up to final placements of the right applicants.
  • Performance Management - We manage attitudes, behaviour and results which is a basic prerequisite for ensuring organizational efficiency and effective delivery of strategic and operational goals.
  • Consultancy - We guarantee improves performance and relationship by offering our clients practical and financially-economical options for achieving results and creating value.
Some of our clients  are: 
  • Dispute Resolution Academy
  • MTN Lagos
  • Careers & Beyond
  • Auracom
  • MTN Kaduna
  • MTN Kano
In August, HRE in partnership with Dispute Resolution Academy will be conducting a 2 week training on the following:
  1. Mastering Human Resources Management - open to HR Practitioners, Administrators, Trainers, HR Officers and Supervisors.
  2. Workplace Conflict Management - open to Sales Executives, Sales Teams, Relationship Managers, HR Managers/Officers, Operation Heads and Union Leaders.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development 
  4. Employee Engagement for Peak Performance- open to Business Leaders, Managers, Team Leads/Supervisors, Human Resources Personnel, Unit/Divisional Heads, Administrators.
  5. Role Transition for First-time Leaders - Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, Unit/Divisional Heads, Project Managers.
  6. Building a Robust Corporate Leadership Pipeline - open to Business Owners/Leaders, HR Managers, CEO's, Unit/Divisional Managers
HR Exponentials  in partnership with dra

Please click here for more details- LINK

For more details:
Call Ada (08033084605) or Gbenga (08035840331) 
Send an email to 

Registration closes on the 26th of July 2013. 

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