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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Eko  Eko Eko Eko!
Eko Idumota Eko!
Eko, Obalende Idumota Eko!

Allahu Akbar!

Each day without fail I wake up to these words (I prefer to call them songs) and I wake up with a smile. You see, I have no need for an alarm. Like clockwork once its 5am everyday, I am jolted awake.
Are you wondering why I wake up with a smile? I wake up smiling because I no longer have the need to wake up by 4am and start rushing to get out of my house for 5am. I take my time when I wake up by 5am to say a quick prayer with the Hubz, get up to put his lunch pack together. Then I go back to snooze, or do my own devotion. After which I prepare at my own pace for work. This is #SheerBliss compared to when I used to get to work on or before 6am.

Work resumes by 8:30 am. Even if I leave my house by 8:00 am, I still get to work for 8:30 am. How cool is that?
Anyway, I no longer have those constant headache that used to plague me and I am totally grateful to God. I now have time to rest and guess what? I can try out new beading projects after work hours! I can even cook a decent meal when I get home from work too. Plus the new house is amazing. God bless Mr. K. M in ways he will never understand.

#Sigh. I know now that life is to be lived. Now I can actually take up a course or whatever catches my fancy after work hours...yeah, I like to be busy like that.

Have a great day people!

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