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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Lies

I told the truth and no one believed me.

I lied and they believed me.

Reminds me of this comment by George Orwell- "Then the lie passed into history and became truth"

I filled my leave form and requested for just 3 days off work so I could read and write an examination. I am running a program that I really want to complete by the end of next year (It seems doubtful, but there's nothing God can't do). I didn't even think twice about getting it approved, because I thought I was "improving myself". Alas, it didn’t get approved for some reasons that I don’t want to get started on. So I decided to postpone the exam.

However, my mom was on my case to write the exam, and she kept telling me to attempt it. Her advice was I had nothing to lose as my money wouldn’t be refunded anyway and it was a 50-50 case of passing or failing. I wasn’t so keen because I knew that I wasn’t really ready anyway, so I started dodging her (bless her beautiful soul). My fear was I hadn’t failed an exam for as long as I can remember, and I didn’t want it to start now.

A week before the exam I made up my mind to write the exam, after all, I had nothing to lose. On the morning of the exam, I got to the office, then went to the venue, wrote the exam and returned to the office. I didn’t leave the exam hall feeling like I usually did, but I know that whatever the result (success obviously) I had relied on the Grace of God. If I pass, I will be grateful, if I fail, I will write the exam again, it won’t kill me. (Will let you know when I get my result though)

So the good thing is that even though I didn’t get my exam leave, I wrote the exam, and added the remaining 3 days of my leave to the last 3 working days of 2011, so I had an extended holiday with my family (and boo of course) and had a blast.

All things really work out for good ;)…


  1. Bravery right there,i sometimes push my exams till i feel i`m all fired up and ready,all things sure work out for Good for those who love God. :)

  2. Loooollll. I pray that your results come out on point

  3. fantastic. I pray you succeed in the exam. and its good to have quality time with family and the boo of course.

  4. I don't think it was your fault and I hope the results work out for you.

  5. Hope the exam turns out well. At least you got to take that extra time off to be with ur loved ones. #silverlining