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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Physically or sexually fit?

Hey everyone...
I know its been a long while, and I know I keep saying I will be back soon and more frequent.
*sigh*..I just cant help it. Now I have turned to one of all the bloggers who starts a post with an apology for the long silence....I hope i leave this category soon though (wink)

This will be a very quick one because my boss is in a meeting and she thinks I am working on a report...

Anyway, I was compiling a report the other day (I work in the Healthcare Industry) and I noticed that while working on the Immunization part, there was still a high rate of deficiencies caused by lack of immunization. I called the attention of my colleague to it and we started discussing. We had both heard (and I need to clarify) how some people in the Northern part of Nigeria (Please, don't finish me ooo, Its what I heard) , lets say the uneducated ones, refuse to immunize their babies because they believe that "the immunization will make them sterile". Now this is quite laughable.

You will rather have a "not-sterile-but-physically-deformed-child"? I asked my colleague, Emeka, a question, who will follow a person who is physically deformed, just because he is able to perform? and he started educating me, and regaled me with tales of his secondary school and exploits performed by people he know. Emeka told me that if given a choice, men will prefer to be sexually fit, after all, that is what makes a man. He really tried to convince me, but I found it hard to believe (and still do), that a physically fit girl will chase a not-so-fit person just because of "sex" (you don't even know for certain if he can or can't "perform" for real). No doubt, being sexually fit is very important to any man and even woman too, but what happens to Science? Anyway, If they don't believe in immunization, how will they believe in science...

Please let me sound a not of warning at this point. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being  physically deformed because I know there are different reasons- mistakes by hospitals, genuine ignorance by parents and all- and I never will, as I can't even form or create a strand of hair, not to talk of a person. What I am saying is that we really need to sit down and think before we make unfounded excuses

If you look out on the streets of Lagos (and other states as well), you will see that there is a rise in the number of beggars, who have one physical deformity or the other. It makes you wonder how many parents refused to do the right thing at the right time for their children. These children have become adults and the only way to survive is to live off the mercy of others who are also struggling to make or earn a living themselves. Our society has no welfare mechanism for anyone, and if you do not know how to survive on your own, then...

May God save us.

Now my questions are- 
Will you "follow" someone who is physically deformed just for his (or her) sexual prowess? 
How do you even know?

Have a beautiful day.


  1. So some people actually tnk that by immunization, one could get deformed and rather allow d child(ren) get deformed so that they can become sex machines abi??? All these people and their mentality shaaaaa
    I'm sure that as dey continue seeing all these deformed people on the roads, streets, everywhere, they'll be having wild imaginations about....(no be from my mouth u go hear am o). God help us.
    Anyways, the people that believe in such nonsense should maybe try deformed people as they come across them to know how much of a sex guru they r.

  2. Wow didi, you actually commented...(i am dancing here)
    lol at "sex machines. I am sure that's not their intention, its just fear, and maybe the belief that the immunization will cause more harm than good.
    My own grouse is that the parents are usually not deformed and allow their kids go through that for the rest of their lives its so not fair.

  3. I'd speak of two things: the immunization, and then the sex question.
    First, like the blogger n Didislim already observed, its just ignorance. That tells u how costly illiteracy really is; costly not in terms of money this time but in terms of peoples' lives as a whole!
    The truth is the more we educate our women the fewer of these we'll eventually get to see. But the real question here is how much are we (our gorvernments) doing in this direction? (ur guess is as gud as mine...)

    Enter part 2. Sex prowess vs Physical rectitude...hmmm...well it depends...the real truth is while it doesnt seem very likely, it is indeed true (tho very rarely so) that some women would rather have a "not-so-physically-fit" but very sexually active man than the cute flambouyant and trendy "gentle" man. In fact to them, the definition of "Physically fit" is interchangeable with that for "Sexually fit"! Lol.

  4. @ Anonymous...that's really deep. Thanks...and your concluding comment ("Physically fit" is interchangeable with that for "Sexually fit"! Lol.) has got me thinking seriously!

  5. @Ms. Leecious...u say my comment has got u thinkin seriously, is dat somethg u'd like to share? (the thots...)
    Or would dat form the basis of ur next blog entry? Either way, would like to knw wat ur thots are. :)

  6. @ Ema, of course, i know dats not their intention...God still help us.

  7. Straight to the question, it depends on the extent of deformity..but Lord knows that sexuality IS NOT one of the first 100 thoughts that come to my mind when I see a deformed person!

  8. @HoneyDame, on point! Nice one...deformed man, Lmao

  9. @Didislim...seen

    @Anonymous...physically fit, sexually fit, interchangeable...enough said!


    But I will really like to know who you are. just hit the nail on the head!I wish the people will hear that and make informed decisions.

  10. When i was in the north,lots of them actually refuse immunization based on various reasons.Their major problem is actually lack of education.Meanwhile,it's true that guys would like to be physically deformed than unable to perform.(Hmmm,i just rhymed.*pops collar*)

  11. @ A-9ja-great...I hear you. My colleague, Emeka said "word".

  12. LOL I'm also involved in healthcare(a student though) everytime I have to read the reports about Nigeria's health status, I'm always very dismayed.

    Lol this vaccination tales are very funny. There's another rumor making it's way around that these vaccines are like micro chips used to monitor a human being 0_0

    I passed an award to you recently, you've sure been MIA, check it here:

  13. @Ms. Leecious, trust me, U dnt want to knw who I am; i'm not very good influence...but if u insist...

    @A-9ja-Great, call it rhyme n reason...big ups! Lol

    @MsJB, speakin of microchips and vaccines...hmm...nuthin can be as stupid! ignorance is a disease worse than HIV/AIDS really...

  14. It all comes to 1 thing & 1 thing only people,that is the level of education so i guess we can`t really blame anyone here coz its someone`s job to make sure they are well informed. I passed an award to you,please see my Blog. :)

  15. when in the north do as the northerners

  16. It's terrible what ignorance can cause. SMH. Now who would look at a deformed person and think of sex ehnnn? *shudders @ some people*. Physically fit all the way for me.

  17. Like most pple have said, there's a lAT of ignorance in Nigeria. We need help.

    P.S, u been on blogger since 2003? dats a record. cool.

    first time here and following. you can check mine out

  18. Hahaha. This is def an interesting one. Of course, none of those two 'evils is remotely desirable. Still, we tend to attach more significance to what we see.

    That said, if I really really really HAD TO pick, I'd go for 'option C' ---> "None of the above" :-)

  19. Lol@Imisi, Option C indeed.

    You guys have made a whole lot of contribution..and yes it all boils down to EDUCATION

  20. sex is the last thing I am thinking of when I see a physically deformed man. For me you have to be physically fit before we start discussing sexuality.

  21. Lol@ Che and Ugandan girl

    @ Toinlicious...nooooo I have been writing and documenting them since 2003. Joined blogger in 2010 though.
    Thanks sis.

    @Imisi...None of the above??? y nau?

    @Daylor... Education is the key oooo

    @Lara, Love does miracles ooo!