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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunshine Award!!!

I got rays of sunshine today!!!

I am sooooooo excited! I feel loved and appreciated by my blog fam.

I was on the phone, speaking with my supervisor at work when I saw the Award by A-9ja-Great and DIDI and  this put a very "big-happy-silly-wide grin on my face".

So I am supposed to pass this Sunshine Award to 10 other bloggers that bring sunshine to Blogsville....*now-holding-my-head-in-my-hands*...I have a long list...but I am constrained, so here goes...

Please pass the Sunshine to 10 other bloggers too!!!


  1. Congrats Dear,You Deserve it.Glad we put that "big-happy-silly-wide grin on my face" :D .had the same feeling when i got the Award .

  2. You sure deserve the rays of sunshine dear and i'm glad you decided to spread it around.

  3. Whao! congrats gf....many more on d way