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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mad at ...

I brushed the tears off my cheeks angrily. I was mad at myself for crying, but thankful that it was dark so no one could see them. I made my way past the very narrow dark road, that was crowded with people and vehicles of all sizes parked on both sides of the street. I angrily brushed past two teenagers who were doing a catwalk and giggling to them selves. I heard one of them cry out as my big bag brushed her, but I couldn't be bothered. I was angry at the man that made me feel worthless. But most of all, I was angry at my self for making the man wield such power over my emotions. I felt stupid all over again.
He had not just made me feel so low, he had categorized me, stamped and branded me, and put me in a box without even giving me a chance. Then he had me dispatched...
Hot angry tears rushed down my face unbidden. The more I tried to stop them the hotter and faster it poured. 
What do I want from this life?
What do people want from me?
What have I come to offer?
What chance do I have against all odds?
What is my advantage?
I left that place with one resounding thought...I may not know what I want from Life now, but I certainly know what I DO NOT WANT.
I let the tears flow helps me focus and puts things in perspective...


  1. I`m so sorry dear..Its healthy to cry so please let it out. I`M glad that U now know what you do not want,guess that a big step coz you are now wiser and now know how to deal with people.its sad that sometimes the people who hurt us do so coz we let them in freely.Don`t feel bad,just take this as an experience thats going to strengthen U. Remember what don`t kill you only makes you stronger.

  2. The only chance we got against all odds if LOVE .... and God is LOve ...only chance we got is ..

    G O D

  3. Aw dear,even though the picture wasn't so clear,i think i have an idea of what the isue is.Well,it's great you know what you don't want,so don't condole it.Take it easy cutie,it's gonna be alright!

  4. Ema i just passed the Sunshine Award to you.

  5. Thanks guys... It was a horrible meeting with someone...don't even want to think about it!
    I really appreciate your comments and advice...

    @DIDI...seen. thanks! will definitely pass it on!!!