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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I killed a gecko today.
I naturally hate thing that creep and crawl. I hate it when they get into my house. Un-invited.
I was going into the kitchen to get a snack. That was when I saw it, balancing on my wall like it owned the place. I took a step forward and it moved in sync. I was upset.

I waited for a bit, and the "idiat" also waited, playing a game with me. So I went to the kitchen and picked up a broom. I was scared and bold at the same time. Scared that it would jump at me, bold that I could kill it. I also took a can of insecticide. 
I was so battle ready and glad that no one was in to watch my drama.
I sprayed it first with insecticide and it promptly fell to the ground. I screamed and jumped back, then started using my broom to attack. 
It climbed back on the wall, and I tried to hit it forcefully, in the process, I grazed the knuckle of my index finger. That didn't stop me for a second. I hit it again and chopped off the tail.
It climbed back up and I hit it again. Using all the fury I could muster and muttering to myself "you had better die, because I wont give up until you do so".
Finally, I dealt the death blow, and I was extremely satisfied. I gathered the remains and flushed it then examined my hands. I couldn't believe that I had gotten injured in the process, and it was so painful too.
I cleaned up my finger and went to bed, my snack forgotten.
Before I knew it, I was awakened by someone calling my name. I woke up and saw the gecko that  I thought I killed. I was so afraid. I looked up and saw several others making their way towards me.  All of them had one mishap or the other, broken tails, dismembered bodies, you name it. I started to cry out in fear, but the one that called my name laughed at me, telling me that it was futile.
I shivered and asked God to deliver me as the geckos started getting on my bed, telling me the circumstances surrounding their death and who was responsible - me
They started to climb on me... I screamed!
I woke up to the wails my nephew who had crawled to my room to play with me. Apparently, he it was that was touching my body and using it as a testing ground for his toy car!
I tried to console him as shivers ran down my spine...what a horrible dream!
I looked up, and saw a gecko...I though it winked at me..


  1. Bet you've learned a big lesson on "killing gecko's" now? haha!
    nice one though!!!

  2. Love it!!!
    But i have told you numerous times to leave them alone!!!

  3. Ema as big as u r, u r still scared of wall geckos? *shakin my head* lol. Honestly dy giv me d creeps too.

  4. hmn! tot it was only me!
    its not a size matter ooo!they are simply disgusting!

  5. Extremely hilarious...LWKMD. :))

  6. just ignore them....

  7. you are mod!
    seriously not ok..
    sorry about the wound tho..

  8. LMAO LWKM! Battle with a gecko? You're really funny! I don't like geckos to actually and they die sometimes if i'm in a bad mood.

  9. What??!!!! please stop killing them,remember the food chain thingy?? they are in your house to hunt down the roaches lol ..i just say whats up and pass by when i see them of to be silly i ask Oga how work

  10. Lol @ A-9ja-Great way!

  11. Laughing and rolling on the floor! gosh this is hilarious!

  12. lol...very interesting...battle with gecko

  13. Didn't know anyone killed them. Didi's explanation is part of the reason why we leave them be.

  14. @Natural Nigerian...they give me the creeps...cant stand them at all.