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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free to be me

This is my story and my song.
This is what i know and believe.
Once, I was given choices by people, not to do as i pleased but as they pleased.
They thought for me
dressed me up
Ate for me and chose my food
They even slept for me
Not once did I know i had a choice
A choice to be free to be me
Free to dance and forget that I really couldn't because I had '2-left-feet'
Free to think as a rational human being that I am
Free to laugh just because
Free to sing and make my own music
Today I am hopeful that there is a way out
It may be hard but
I want to feel the rain on my own skin because no one else should feel it for me
I want to speak the words on my own lips, no one else should say what they think is on my mind
I want to live my life like I think is best
Life is so short. If you live mine for me, who will live yours for you?


  1. Funny how we get swayed by people even when we want to do our 'own thing'.

  2. i smell avril in some part of this.
    the free feeling is the best feeling in the world. it is better than the feeling of riches and all. wish you all the freedom u ever need. i hope to be dat free someday

  3. Amen! Actually, its Natasha, u smell, not Avril...and freedom to be you is the most important me!