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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Minutes

"Gimme N2,000 now"! I looked up with an annoyed expression. "Gimme N2,000 now, let me go" I immediately wanted to wind up the glass, but he clamped his hand down on it. The window didn't budge one bit. It was at the tip of my tongue to ask if he had gone mad. Realizing I wasn't taking him seriously enough, he said "you see wetin I hold for my waist?" I looked down to his waist, but all I saw was a big orange Tee. very dirty. I couldn't even say anything. I realized it wasn't a joke. My sister yelled at me to wind up the glass. "what are you still waiting for" she asked? I told her the man was holding it down. "What do you want?" I asked him. "gimme N2,000, let me go" I kept staring at him stupidly, thinking to myself...I'd sooner give the money than give it to you. "if you don't answer me now, I'll blind you with this thing in my hand. see my hand". Automatically, my hand moved to the hand on the window, I saw a white thing in his hand. all i could say was "the blood of Jesus" repeatedly. I kept looking around wondering if passers by were observing it all. Everyone looked preoccupied. The people who noticed probably removed their faces so it wouldn't happen to them. We were stuck in traffic and it was barely after six in the evening.

Hold on, my sister said, remove your hand. Why , he asked? she said" if you remove your hand, I'll answer you. He did, and we wound up. As soon as that happened, the traffic jam eased up and we started moving.

I was so glad I was already seated, as i wasn't sure my legs would have carried me if I were standing. I checked my watch and realized it all this happened in 2 minutes!

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