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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Twenty Children and Twenty Years

I thought I understood his saying perfectly. I couldn't have been more wrong! "Twenty children can not play together for twenty years" sounded so simple!
I graduated. I forgot some things I was thought. I remembered some. Then I found out that indeed twenty children wont truly play together for twenty years.
It started in bits.
We all moved on. Settled in different parts of the country. For some, it was different parts of the world. For others, it was in the same neighbourhood. Gradually, our tastes changed, based on our individual environment. Some got better and more refined. Some got worse and crude.
Then the circles of friends changed. some got wider, some shrunk. Then along came NYSC, taking people to different places, in mind and in reality. Our worlds increased and decreased.
Then work.
Suddenly, we had fewer things in common. We hardly saw, talked or remembered. Except at weddings, events, work, on the streets, in traffic...then we said "hi, did you go to XYZ?" and the answer would be "Yeah" , and your response, "I thought you looked familiar, OK, bye".
Twenty children...Twenty years!!!

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