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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

The Return

He calls out
she stops dead in her tracks
He calls again
She pauses, listens and turns
Looks but can't see
She continues her train
He calls out once more.
There is no mistaking she has heard.
She turns South, East, West
But she doesnt see him
She becomes determined, keeps searching, frantically
She stumbles, slips, and begins to fall
Just when her back should have touched the floor, He stretches out His hand and picks her up, sets her on her feet.
Her cheecks become full circles as she smiles in recognition.
She tries to go closer but is prevented by a barrier.
He is radiating. His garments are shimering. While she, her garments hang shabily around her like rags.
She hesitates. He watches, waiting.
At that moment, all is forgotten
She runs to his embrace
He lifts her up.
Her garments undergo a transformation
Royal purple and a crown of Gold to perfect it.
He smiles at her, purity is her name.
He stretches out His hand towards her, and takes her home.

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